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Best Squads in Squad Busters

Meta squads are here!

While getting characters in a match of Squad Busters is completely random, you can still carefully create one of the best squads out of all the randomness. But, even if you have the strongest squad in a match, It will not guarantee a win at all. However, it’ll definitely help if you play it right. Here’s a list of all the best squads or team compositions you should look out for in Squad Busters.

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Squad Busters – Best Squads to Set Up

Barbarian King and Melee Units

The Barbarian King is the literal king of combat in Squad Busters. Once you have one on your team, your melee units get an attack speed bonus, which gets out of hand when you have 4+ fusioned melee units stacked on top of an enemy squad. Your melee units will demolish any unit, especially the ranged ones.

Your goal for this team composition is just to have one Barbarian King for the melee buff, but obviously, more Barbarian Kings are better too. For your other units, you want any melee unit, preferably Barbarians since they have a sturdy body with great DPS. The unit that pushes this composition to the top is the Hog Rider. You’ll be able to outpace your opponents, allowing you to chase and eventually stack your squad next to the enemy’s ranged units.

If you have Heal or Rage spells on hand, there’s nothing that can stop you. There are some annoying counters like facing Shellys who have their ability active when you engage them. However, you should still bring every type of composition to its knees once you build up your squad.

Archer Queen and Ranged Units

Like the Barbarian King who buffs all the melee units, the Archer Queen buffs all the ranged units with faster attack speed. However, if you have an all-ranged unit squad composition, your whole squad is brittle to the point where you can lose your whole squad in a few seconds.

In this case, you want to mix in a few melee units. You just want tough melee units instead of versatile ones that can do damage. Your ranged units will do all the damage for you, so you can even add Greg as your tank. Greg will help you ramp up your squad by getting all the Trees around you.

You also want to add Shelly to knockback enemies when her ability is active. Look for a Bomb as your skill so you have a safety net when another squad goes near you.

Your playstyle should revolve around avoiding all fights, but if someone gets close, you can unload a shot from each ranged unit and run away. You want to target weaker squads or go against two other squads who are fighting each other.

Bo and Some Farmers

Bo is an easy character to unlock and upgrade because it is a common one. Bo’s main strength is its ability to do more damage against monsters, which helps you farm gems and gold faster. With this composition, your goal is to never engage against any squad, and you are focusing on doing everything else to get gems.

You want Greg, Mavis, Penny, and Tank to capitalize on everything the stage has to offer. You want to chop all the trees, harvest all the crops, get all the maps, and use some tanks. You won’t have the chance to get these units all the time, so other options include Goblins and Traders to help you ramp up faster.

Hog Rider will be your best quality-of-life upgrade since you can move around faster. Chickens also work, but they are extremely fragile. If they get all the gems and they get sniped, you might easily lose some precious gems just going around.

Overall, this team or squad composition is more of a PvE build, and you are trying your best to get as many gems as possible. Bo is the highlight of the team because he would be your main damage dealer when farming bosses and other monsters on the stage, which will give you the most gems.

Goblin Frenzy

A Goblin-based team brings a mix of PvE and PvP. Your goal is to get as many Goblins as possible and keep replenishing your gold until you build the best possible squad. Goblins are fast and they deal decent damage against monsters and objects. They are quite squishy so you need to avoid PvP for a while.

If you keep getting Goblins, you should have a bigger squad than any other squad in the match. You want to fuse as many units as possible to lessen the cost of each chest in the game. You want to grab as much gold as possible and build toward a PvP composition, mostly the Barbarian King comp we talked about earlier.

However, you do have a mix of Goblins, which will probably lose against strong squads. But, your goal is to outnumber the enemy by stockpiling as much gold as possible. You won’t have as many gems as the others, but you should fight near the end once you have your squad ready.

In certain game modes like Doppelganger, this is by far the best strategy. If you keep switching in and out of the Goblins in Doppelganger mode, you are getting all of the gold rewards from each unit turning into a Goblin again. In short, you are making 20+ gold for every Goblin team swap you do.

After looking at some of the top players in Squad Busters’ leaderboards, they are mostly using Barbarian Kings and Archer Queens as their most used epic units. Hog Rider comes first as the rare (the movement bonus is just too powerful to pass up). Common units are a mix between Shellys, Colts, and Barbarians. The meta might be a bit constant, but your unlocked characters are always changing. Make sure to use your gold on the strongest units so you can upgrade them fast to Super or Ultra quality.

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