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6 Best Characters in Squad Busters

Who will be the kings and queens of Squad Busters?

While there are several characters with varying rarities in Squad Busters, there are some clear favorites. Most players would think that rares and epics would just be at the top of the food chain, but for this list, we’ll take into account a character’s rarity, skills, power, and everything in between. You’ll be surprised that even the common units are some of the best characters in Squad Busters. Let’s move on with the list!

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Six Top Tier Characters in Squad Busters

Barbarian King

The Barbarian King is the king of all melee units. It provides an attack speed buff to all your melee units in the squad, tremendously increasing your power with just one unit. The effect is by far the best and the Barbarian King is also stronger than a regular Barbarian. However, it is epic though, which makes it harder to find. But, having just one can completely change the match for your squad.

Archer Queen

Like the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen also gives a buff, but this time for all the ranged units. Ranged units aren’t that fantastic when it comes to fighting other squads. However, if you have a ton of ranged units and you get the Archer Queen, you’ll be burning bosses and objectives extremely fast.


The Goblin is one of the strongest common units in the game. It gives you gold when you get a Goblin, returning your investment back. If you need to catch up or snowball into a bigger squad, Goblins are the way to go. These Goblins are also by far the #1 unit in the Doppelganger game mode. Since you only get one unit in Doppelganger, you can easily fuse a ton of Goblins because you keep getting the gold back. Once you have a big squad, you can transition into another unit!

Hog Rider

Hog Riders are your speedster units. They give you a turbo boost on grass terrain and you get an overall boost to your turbo in general. Upgrading your Hog Rider character to at least Super will give you faster turbo recovery, which will give your squad the edge in terms of mobility. If you are weaker than another squad, it doesn’t matter because they can’t catch you right? And, if they are weaker, how can they escape?


Bo is our second common unit to make the list. Any squad that takes Bo should capitalize on its extra damage against monsters. You want to play around it and farm as much gold and gems as possible. Once you have a fusioned Bo, you can immediately go for some bosses in the middle so you can farm even faster. For specific game modes, Bo excels in Royal Haunting. When there are ghosts you can eliminate to fight for you, you can always use Bo to gather up all the ghosts, and nobody will clear it faster than you, especially if you have a Bo + Archer Queen combo.


NIta is a tough pick, but only because the bear’s AI is quite unpredictable. When you get Nita, you are basically getting a two-in-one character because you get Nita and her bear. When you get an extra front-line unit, it is always great to have. It is better than other defender units because Nita can actually resummon the bear if it goes down. If you need a defender, Nita is always a good pick. However, in the Doppelganger game mode, Nita is right up there with the Goblin as the best pick. Since Nita can summon bears upon spawning, if you change to another unit, your bear actually retains. That is a bit broken if you ask me.

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