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How to Slide for 30 Meters Continuously on Ice in Fortnite

Find a slippery surface.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Ice Slide

Week six of the Chapter 4 season quests has gone live with the most recent Fortnite update, meaning plenty of new objectives can be completed. Considering these quests are only available for a limited time now, it’s important to learn how to slide for 30 meters continuously on ice before the next week begins.

In the past, these sliding or jumping quests have proven to be quite a challenge. Only certain parts of the map would be high enough or steep enough to allow for long slides. The Shadow Bomb was one recent example of a jumping challenge that left us all confused. For the ice slide in Fortnite Chapter 4 though, we have you covered.

Fortnite Chapter 4 – How to Slide for 30 Meters Continuously on Ice

What makes this challenge much easier this season is the amount of ice that can be found around the island. Nearly one-third of the map is covered in snow and ice, which is where you’ll find locations like Brutal Bastion. Step one is to land in this frozen section of the map before you attempt to slide for 30 meters continuously on ice in Fortnite.

As you’re in the air, or when you’re traveling on the ground, look for frozen rivers that converge. You’ll want one that has a slight decline, so you have a bit more momentum. Some of the hills around the area have ice slopes as well, but a frozen river should be more than enough.

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Once you have a good spot, simply sprint on the ice and slide downhill to the best of your ability. To complete this quest, you only need to slide 30 meters, which is really easy to pull off if you have a slight decline. Getting the challenge done will be impossible uphill and much harder on a flat ice surface. But the ice in general will make a continuous slide much easier.

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