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How to Sign Up for a Redfall Game Code

When will you be able to hunt Vampires?

by Nikola L

Redfall is an upcoming open-world co-op FPS title developed by Arkane Austin (you know, the team made Prey and Dishonored) and published by Bethesda Software. It hits the shelves on May 2, 2023, releasing on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

In this article, Prima Games will teach you how to sign up for a Redfall game code – but there’s catch. You must be a content creator. If you’re not, you’ll sadly have to wait until release and buy the game yourself.

Where to Sign Up for a Redfall Game Code

Following the release date reveal at the Xbox Developer Direct on January 25, 2023, Redfall’s official Twitter shared information on how to go about getting your hands on a Redfall game code if you’re a content creator.

“With the announcement of Redfall’s May release, content creators can now apply to be considered for a game code,” the post read, alongside a link to the Keymailer page for the game. Keymailer is a platform that developers use to offer access to upcoming games for content creators such as YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

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Click here to visit Redfall’s Keymailer page, make sure you’re signed in, and then click on the green “REQUEST KEY” button if you’re eligible to apply for a game code.

If you’re not a content creator or don’t meet the requirements for a game code, you can pre-order Redfall on Steam or through the Xbox Store. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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Now you know how to get your hands on a game code, you can learn more about Redfall by watching the Official Gameplay Deep Dive below:

Official Bethesda YouTube Channel

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