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How to Revive Allies in Dragon Quest Treasures

Don't let your slimes slurp up all your MP

by Lucas White

Square Enix’s latest spinoff of its legendary Dragon Quest series is kind of like a mix between Zelda games and the Dragon Quest Monsters series. It also utilizes a real-time combat system, something we haven’t seen often in Dragon Quest. Since there’s a monster-collecting element, things like healing and reviving aren’t as simple as choosing items from a menu. Especially in Dragon Quest Treasures, which offers up its own gimmicks. So in case you miss the tutorial messaging, here’s how to revive allies in Dragon Quest Treasures.

How to Revive Allies in Dragon Quest Treasures

Healing is already weird in this game, since you have to shoot special pellets from your catapult slingshot at your allies in battle. But you can just heal yourself by holding the X button. Reviving allies, thankfully, doesn’t involve slingshotting random trinkets. Instead, if one of your monster buddies gets knocked out, you can simply run up and use your MP to bring ‘em back to life.

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While healing yourself has you holding the X button as we mentioned less than thirty seconds ago, reviving has you use the A button instead. There is a small catch, of course. The higher in level your allies are, the more MP it will take to whip them back into fighting shape. So like the tutorial (and common sense) suggests, try not to let your homies fall in battle.

If you need to get your party healed up after a battle ends, simply seek out the nearest campfire. Resting will restore everyone’s HP and MP back to full, including your own. You’ll also trigger an autosave, so it’s generally a good idea all around to hop over to those things as often as you can. Or don’t; you can do whatever you want, really.

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