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How to Reach Minute 31 in Vampire Survivors

Are we Vampire Survivors or what?

by Nikola L

Welcome to the latest Vampire Survivors guide here at Prima Games. In this article, we’ll help you dodge the inevitable death by the Red Death (also known as Reaper) and survive past the 31-minute mark. You will soon see that it’s not rocket science to reach minute 31 in Vampire Survivors and that you will soon be able to unlock a lot of cool Arcanas on all stages.

How to Survive Until Minute 31 in Vampire Survivors

If you are reading this, you already well know that when the 30th minute is up, you are visited by Red Death (Reaper), which literally one-shots you, and that’s it. However, there are ways to survive until minute 31 in Vampire Survivors completely legitimately, and we’ll tell you all about them. The necessary components for this endeavor are, ideally:

When you get all of these, just patiently wait for the arrival of the first Red Death. Ideally, the script for this fight will play out like this:

  1. Red Death will attempt to attack you. Laurel will stop that attack and provide you with temporary immunity.
  2. Clock Lancet will freeze Red Death during this time. If it doesn’t, you’ll revive and gain temporary invincibility.
  3. Garlic will reduce the freeze resistance of Red Death, improving your chances of surviving.
  4. You will run around Red Death clockwise because Clock Lancet is constantly firing clockwise, so that beam can constantly hit Red Death and keep the freeze on.

Oh, and before doing all of this, start the game with Hurry mode. It makes the time flow twice as fast, meaning you’ll need to survive just half a minute! To unlock Hurry mode, you need Sorceress’ Tears, which are to be found in the south part of Gallo Tower (follow the green arrow).

The alternative for these achievements where you need to survive until minute 31 is to KILL Red Death, which fulfills the condition of 31-minute survival immediately (yes, you can kill Red Death in less than a minute – see how below).

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