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There is such a vast array of recipes that you can discover and cook in Fae Farm. Many of them sound absolutely delicious. The thing is though, whilst some ingredients are easy to obtain, some can be a little more challenging to discover. Take flour as an example. A common component for a number of dishes, and yet not so easy to create. If you’re seeking flour for a recipe in Fae Farm, here’s exactly how to obtain it.

Where to Find Flour in Fae Farm

Because flour is a necessary ingredient in certain recipes, sooner or later you will be asking yourself where to find it. Fortunately, there are two ways that you can do obtain flour. The first and easier way is to buy it from an NPC. The second way is to craft it yourself.

Buying Flour in Fae Farm

If you want to take the less time-consuming route, you should buy flour. You can buy flour from the baker, Dominic for 85 Florins each. Not bad! Dominic is located in the building immediately down the steps south of your Homestead and to the right. It is the first building you will see as you head into town, and rather unmissable!

Crafting Flour in Fae Farm

If you want to make flour yourself. You need to first grow crops such as Wheat and Rye. These crops are grown by transforming Corn using Magic Crop Swap fertilizer. Wheat is grown during summer or on summer soil beds, and Rye in winter or on winter soil beds.

Once you have harvested your crop, take it to the Food Prep Table, and convert it into Grain Nuggets. For every crop that you use, you will receive five Grain Nuggets in return. Once, you have the Grain Nuggets, take them to the Artisan Table and turn them into Flour. Five Grain Nuggets will be used to make one Flour. Which isn’t too bad when compared to other food items that you create with the Artisan Table.

There you have it! Now that you have Flour you can make all of those pesky recipes that have been eluding you. Another similar recipe that has eluded players is Berry Jam. A necessary food item for story progression.

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