Fae Farm: How to Make Berry Jam

Jam or Jelly?

Fae Farm Berry Picking
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Cooking is an important element of Fae Farm. Whether it be for quest completion and story continuation, or energy replenishment and buffs, you best be donning your chef hat. Making Berry Jam requires a different crafting bench than previous cooking methods. Here is how to make Berry Jam in Fae Farm.

How is Berry Jam made in Fae Farm

I admit that when I received Grell’s quest ‘A Frozen Friend’, I ran around to all of my cooking-based crafting tables and was immensely confused as to why I could not see Berry Jam listed as an option. To save you the same frustration from the beginning, you need to have access to the Artisian Table.

Crafting the Artisian Table

Fae Farm Artisian Table
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To craft the Artisan Table press down on the d-pad to open Build Mode and then down again to bring up the Catalog. You will need the following materials.

  • 5x Oak Lumber
  • 5x Clay Brick
  • 5x Glass
  • 2x Iron Ingot
  • 10x Rough Peridot

Cooking the Berry Jam

Fae Farm Berry Jam
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Various berries are plentiful around Azoria, and if you’ve even been harvesting them occasionally, you will have enough. If not, traverse the landscape and pluck berries scattered around.

  • Step 1 – Use the Food Prep Table to produce Mixed Berries at a rate of 1:1.
  • Step 2 – Use the Artisan Table to turn Mixed Berries into Berry Jam at a rate of 30:1.

Cooking Berry Jam is a simple way to earn additional income as berries are quite plentiful and replenish fast. Each Berry Jam sells for 130G.

Now that you know how to make Berry Jam, you can use it as an additional source of income or to complete Grell’s story quest so that you can continue on to the Scorched Caverns.

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