How to Craft Flower Decorative Items in Fae Farm – Answered

Get your flower power on.

Fae Farm Flower Decorative Items
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The flowers are blooming, it’s time to celebrate, and Merritt has asked you for a simple favor. All you have to do is craft three flower decorative items. You rush back to your Homestead to do just that, only to find that you cannot find a single item to craft that meets the requirements. If that sounds all too familiar, I am here to explain how to craft flower decorative items in Fae Farm.

How to Make Flower Decoration Items in Fae Farm

If the above sounds awfully familiar, I too, scoured my list of possible items to craft in hopes of finding a singular recipe that included a flower. To save you from this heartbreak, there is a simple solution to this, and you are already talking to her.

Fae Farm Town Hall Merritt
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It’s Merritt, of course. Visit her when she is at the Town Hall on the festival day. The Town Hall is directly south and down the stairs of the town center where you can sell your goods on the tables daily. Inside, Merritt will be at the desk. Choose to talk to her, then choose the Open Shop option to see what she has for sale. You will notice that she has flower-based decorative items for sale. Purchase Sunflower Vase and/or Flower Cart recipes and then return to your Homestead to craft the items.

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You need to craft three of the above items. It can be three of one or a mix of them. If you do not have enough crafting materials to create three, you can reclaim and make the item again. This will still count towards the requirement, and you will not have to waste the limited time in a day to search for additional resources.

That’s it. Now, you can complete Merritt’s quest and craft some beautiful items for your Homestead. I call that a win-win.

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