How to Make Ambrosia in The Sims 4 – Ambrosia Recipe and Ingredients

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Ambrosia Recipe and Ingredients in The Sims 4
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Every Sim in The Sims 4 experiences the effects of the circle of life, and there are very few ways to avoid it. Over time, they’ll age and live their lives before passing away and returning as ghosts. However, there are multiple ways to revive dead Sims, including getting a ghost to eat some ambrosia. Continue reading to find a complete ambrosia recipe and ingredients list in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 Ambrosia Recipe and Ingredients

To make ambrosia in The Sims 4, you need level 10 gourmet cooking, angelfish, a Potion of Youth, and a death flower. You unlock the recipe at level 10 gourmet cooking, while the three ingredients are required to make the dish. You cannot substitute them for other items.

Unlocking gourmet cooking requires increasing your regular cooking level to at least five. After doing this, you’ll gain the gourmet cooking skill, allowing you to make special recipes specifically designed to raise it. At max gourmet cooking, you’ll unlock ambrosia.

How to Get Angelfish

Angelfish has multiple spawn spots throughout The Sims 4, both in the base game and expansions, with the list below describing some examples:

  • Willow Creek’s Crawdad Quarter fishing spots
  • Oasis Springs fishing spots
  • Sulani fishing spots
  • Brindleton Bay fishing spots

From here, catching angelfish is primarily up to luck, as there’s a chance you’ll catch other fish types even if you use bait. However, you’ll know angelfish are swimming in the area if you see them in the water near the spot’s fishing sign.

How to Get a Potion of Youth

The Potion of Youth is an item you can purchase in the Aspiration Reward Store for 1,500 points. You gain points by completing wants and aspiration tasks. Finishing an entire aspiration also grants a large number of points.

Once you buy the potion, it’ll appear in your Sim’s inventory. There is no expiration date, so you can keep it on hand for as long as needed without worrying about it spoiling. Just ensure you do not drink it, as you’ll need the item for the ambrosia recipe.

How to Get a Death Flower

There are two ways to get a death flower in The Sims 4:

  • Graft a Pomegranate and Orchid plant together
  • Use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat to buy one for 1200 Simoleons

Turning on cheats and using the debug menu is the easiest and fastest way to obtain a death flower. However, if you prefer doing this legitimately, you’ll have to get your hands on a pomegranate and orchid, then graft the two together to get your death flower plant.

If you’re new to farming, you may not have pomegranate orchids. Below are the steps to getting both:

  • Create an orchid by grafting a lily and snapdragon plant together
  • Create a pomegranate by grafting an apple and cherry plant together
  • Graft the Pomegranate and Orchid plants together to get the Death Flower

Grafting plants requires gardening level five, so you’ll have to do some farming before you can obtain your death flower.

Alternatively, you can use the Sims 4 cheat menu, type in testingcheats true, and then use bb.showhiddenobjects to find debug items, including the death flower.

What Does Ambrosia Do in The Sims 4?

Ambrosia allows you to revive a ghost Sim, bringing them back to life and giving them immortality. You can make ambrosia multiple times, allowing you to resurrect several dead Sims. It works like the Book of Life, which can also revive Sims.

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