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How to Kill a Commander in COD DMZ

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Into The Deep DMZ

There are a few different reasons why you might want to kill a Commander in the Call of Duty: DMZ. You might be taking on the Commanding Intel mission, looking for some high-value loot after a tough fight, or you just want a worthwhile battle in a map full of enemy AI.

Regardless of your reasons to take on an enemy Commander in the DMZ, the same steps will apply. Only so many of them exist and there are different requirements to take on each one. In our guide, we’ll cover all of the available bosses and how you can kill each one.

COD DMZ – How to Easily Kill a Commander

With the release of Season 2 in Call of Duty: MW2, we are now at a total of four Commanders that can be hunted in the DMZ mode. Each main map has one unique boss and two others that spawn in either location. That brings us to three different bosses whether you go to Al Mazrah or Ashika Island.

The Chemist is the unique Commander in Al Mazrah, and he can be found in the randomly spawning yellow gas circle with a radiation symbol. However, he’s no longer nearly as easy to kill. Ashika Island’s unique Commander is the Bomb Maker and he can actually be sniped from some of the towers that encircle Tsuki Castle. The Bomb Maker typically can be found in the windows of the top floor of the castle.

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On both DMZ maps, you can find a Juggernaut that counts as a boss and Helicopter Commander. Juggernauts can always be found defending a Weapon Case, but they usually have reinforcements and they are not easy. Every other player can also see the case. Taking on the Helicopter Commander is far easier and you can spawn them after completing Intel Contracts. Simply light up the helicopter or take over a SAM site to easily kill the Commander in the COD DMZ.

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