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Where to Find the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop in COD DMZ

No, there's no Hardpoint here.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Another season of the Call of Duty: DMZ mode means new faction missions and a new rotation of dead drops that players will eventually need to find for themselves. If you’re on the Tier 3 Medical Mule mission, then you’ll be on the search for the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop specifically.

Like some of the other multiplayer maps you can find in the COD DMZ, Zarqwa Hydroelectric is a POI that is full of enemy AI at different tiers of difficulty. This is not an easy area, and our goal is to show you exactly how to get to the dead drop so you can be in and out.

COD DMZ – Where to Find the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop

Reaching this area in the Extraction Zone is even tougher because it’s located at the center of the map. You’ll need to head directly to the middle of Al Mazrah, and then go north of Zaya Observatory to find the POI you need. Once you reach Zarqwa, it’s time to look for the dumpster.

The Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop has a fairly easy-to-find spot if you use the map right. In the center of this POI, you’ll see what looks like an island, and that is the main Multiplayer map. If you look southeast of that island and go just beyond the small water strip, the DMZ dead drop will be waiting for you.

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Another easy landmark to use for the dumpster is the bridge to Rohan Oil which is located directly next to it. If you’re looking at your map, you’ll see a bridge to the southeast of the Zarqa Hydroelectric island. Your dead drop will be located on the right side of this bridge within one of the closest houses. Approach the dead drop and then you can continue your medical mission.

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