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Where to Find the Shipping Manifest in COD DMZ

He's a Pirate!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Shipping Manifest DMZ

All of the factions in the Call of Duty: DMZ mode will have story missions at the end of each tier. The more missions you complete for the Warzone 2 DMZ, the more faction access you’ll receive. For the Crown Faction, you’ll eventually need to find a Shipping Manifest for the Piracy story mission.

Piracy is the story mission that becomes available once all of the Tier 1 missions are completed for the Crown Faction, and it will take you on a looting mission in Al Mazrah. Finding the Shipping Manifest on the mission is just one part, but it can be tough to find, and we’re going to explain how in our DMZ guide.

COD DMZ – Where to Find the Shipping Manifest

To get started on the Piracy mission, the first step is to head over to Hafid Port in Al Mazrah. Hafid Port is located all the way on the western side of the map. Depending on where you spawn, this area can be quite the journey. Taking any of the water vehicles in the area is a great way to get there fast without too many enemies to worry about.

Once you reach Hafid Port in the DMZ, you’ll see the massive ship sitting in the water. Take the dock to reach the inside of the ship and then you can start looking for the Shipping Manifest. The manifest is located on the bridge of the ship in the main tower. It should be easy to find if you just head to the front of the ship through any of the entrances.

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After you’ve picked up the Shipping Manifest, it’s time to extract it from the DMZ in Call of Duty. This part changes depending on the match you’re in because the extraction points always change. Look for the extraction that is furthest away from the case or conflict and attempt to escape with the manifest. Then the Piracy mission will be over.

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