How to Join Halls of Torment Beta and Play the New Stage Frozen Depths

Well, the low temperature in there is torment by itself...

How to Unlock and Join Halls of Torment Beta
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Halls of Torment Beta is now up for a limited time, in which players can participate in the testing of new content before it gets officially published. During the first two weeks of August 2023 (and that’s a close approximation, by the way), you can join the Halls of Torment Beta free of charge and play the new stage called Frozen Depths. Here’s how to join the Halls of Torment Beta and play the Frozen Depths.

How to Enter Halls of Torment Beta and Test the New Map Frozen Depths

Entering the Halls of Torment Beta is indeed fast and easy, and I will provide a screenshot to visually aid you throughout this process. In your Steam Client, right-click on the installation of Halls of Torment, and go to Properties. From there, on the left-hand side, choose Betas, then on the right side, click on the drop-down menu, which reads “None,” and select “beta – public beta branch.”

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After that, close the dialogue and allow Steam to update your Halls of Torment. Be mindful that it might not be a possibility to go back to the regular one due to differences in save files, so I advise you to try and clear the currently available content. If you need help with the Quest / Achievement list, we got that on Prima Games:

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I am saying this because some items have been changed, so you might want to use them at their full power, still.

What’s New in Frozen Depths in Halls of Torment?

First, we have a warning: Slight spoilers ahead.

Second, we have a disclaimer: Chasing Carrots has not yet finished the content for the new patch. Changes are to be expected.

The Frozen Depths stage features plenty of ice and a real lack of light. It’s a very challenging stage, and I vaguely underestimated it when I played it the first time. I went there under-geared, thinking, “Yeah, this should cut it,” and I was slaughtered. I took it more seriously the next time, but it still has not sufficed. Believe it or not, most success came from piloting a Sorceress with a massive Electrify build. Monsters in Frozen Depths kind of seemed too resilient for physical damage, as they kept blocking most of my attacks.

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The Frozen Depths consist of a network of caves connected by short and narrow passages, so it differs from anything we’ve played so far.

Also, forget about playing a “turret” build where you stand still and mow down hordes of enemies as they utterly fail to lay their dirty fingers on you. It’s almost impossible to sit in one place for over a few seconds.

There will be a lot of elites, a lot of mini-bosses, and the final boss is a fast fellow, so I advise you to have at least 12m/s speed on your character to ensure that you can adequately elude him.

After you beat the final boss, you will unlock a new character. If you want to NOT know about him by spoiling yourself, stop scrolling.

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The new character is called Norseman. As you would expect, this character looks like a Viking and wields two Axes that can get some cool, unique abilities down the line. SMITE players will say that he reminds them of Ullr for sure. He has the potential to be tanky, as he can significantly increase his Max HP. Also, he has a “Frost Nova” ability that explodes all around him periodically. Isn’t that nice?

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When speaking about items, I forgot to mention that some crazy items can pop up that look like the ones you’re familiar with but with, like, 2x the power. These cannot be retrieved through the well. And yeah, there’s this Agony mode as well that you can toggle before each run.

Enough from me about this Halls of Torment beta. Go out and try it if you want some raw, unpolished content. If not, wait for Chasing Carrots to make a final release and enjoy it at that moment. If you want to read more about Halls of Torment on Prima Games, check Halls of Torment tips and tricks for beginners.

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