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How to Help Clem With His Weekly Mission in Warframe

Everyone's second favorite Grineer needs a little help sometimes.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Clem

Warframe is full of a lot of systems that you likely never knew were there, or at least forgot about because of how little they matter. Take Darvo’s Deal for example, which offers an item for cheaper than its plat price on the in-game Market. Sure, it’s still a scam, but it’s a much less aggressive scam. One such system relates to that somewhat and can have its uses elsewhere. Here’s how to help Clem with his weekly mission in Warframe.

Where to Find Clem in Warframe

To go to Clem in Warframe, you first want to head to the Navigation console in your Orbiter and go under the Alerts tab. In there, you’ll find a ton of alerts, but you’ll want the Help Clem alert on a particular relay. Head to that relay, then use the Fast Travel menu to select Darvo’s Deal. Speak to Darvo, then select the option “Does Clem need my help?”, which will bring you into a 10-minute Survival mission with Clem assisting you.

The 10-minute Survival mission isn’t too difficult, with enemies only sitting at anywhere between 15-20 level-wise. It is important to note that at the five-minute mark, a miniboss will spawn depending on which faction you’re up against. If you’re up against Grineer, you’ll be fighting one of the Grustrag Three. If it’s the Corpus, you’ll be up against the Lynx walker. Finally, Infested will send a Juggernaut after both you and Clem.

What Do You Get for Completing Clem’s Weekly Mission?

Once you finish the Survival mission and extract, you’ll be awarded a Clem Clone blueprint. This will let you deploy Clem in a mission of your choosing, allowing you to have all the Twin Grakatas and Clem sounds you could ask for. You’ll also complete one of the weekly missions for the Nightwave if the Clem challenge is currently active. This is a healthy chunk of Nightwave XP, almost half a level.

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While most of the time completing this mission won’t get you much, it’s still fun to join our second favorite Grineer friend (sorry little buddy, Kahl will forever be #1) for a quick mission each week. While on the topic of rewards, check our guide on all Nora’s Mix Volume 4 Rewards in Warframe. There’s some pretty nice stuff this time around.

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