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All Nora’s Mix Volume 4 Rewards in Warframe

No Arcane Energize this time...

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Nora Night Nightwave

Nora’s Mix Volume 4, the long-awaited next pass for Warframe’s battle pass-like system, is finally available! With it comes a whole array of new Nightwave rewards, including skins, Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 creds, and much more. If you’re looking to pick up everything, you’ll be playing the game for quite some time during this Mix. Here are all the Nora’s Mix Volume 4 rewards in Warframe.

Every Nightwave Mix Volume 4 Reward in Warframe

Warframe Nightwave Rewards
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Like previous Nightwaves, this season features 30 new rewards for you to claim as you progress through the tiers. Each tier costs 10,000 Nightwave XP, meaning you’ll need 300,000 Nightwave XP to max things out. You’ll also get a nice handful of Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Creds for every level you acquire after 30. Here’s every reward in order:

  1. Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Cred x150
  2. Orowyrm’s Rage Sigil
  3. Orokin Catalyst x2
  4. Emissary Operator Collection
  5. 2x Weapon Slots
  6. Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Cred x50
  7. Gamma Color Palette
  8. Noggle Statue – Octavia
  9. Sentient Surge Augment Mod for the Ocucor
  10. Kuva x20,000
  11. Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Cred x50
  12. 3x Forma Bundle
  13. Eukar Claw Skin
  14. Frakta Shoulder Guard
  15. Warframe Slot
  16. Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Cred x50
  17. Saturn Six Armor Bundle
  18. Exilus Warframe Adapter
  19. Baruuk Doan Silhouette Glyph
  20. Arcane Trickery x3
  21. Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Cred x50
  22. Raka Syandana
  23. Sentient Barrage Augment Mod for the Battacor
  24. Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Cred x50
  25. Hero of Duviri Display
  26. 3x Forma Bundle
  27. Spore Ephemera
  28. Fabled Gene-Masking Kit
  29. Umbra Forma
  30. Drifter Keeler Suit Collection

When Do Weekly and Daily Nightwave Missions Reset?

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Every Sunday at 5 PM PT, the weekly challenges will reset, allowing you to complete new ones, along with Nora’s shop resetting every few days. Otherwise, daily challenges will disappear after a few days. As far as my most excited for rewards go, I’m excited to pick up each of the Forma bundles alongside that juicy Umbra Forma at the end of the pass, especially with Wisp Prime releasing quite soon. Speaking of which, be sure to check out our guide on when Wisp Prime will release in Warframe.

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