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When is Wisp Prime Coming to Warframe? – Answered

People love her for more than just supporting, though the big reason is something we'll let you discuss.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Wisp

Warframes themselves can offer more than enough strength in missions, but having their prime variants is like getting that extra slice of pizza at the party. It may as well be a free stat boost, and we all know how much stat boosts can impact a frame’s ability to perform. One frame that dominates the support frame type is Wisp, who hasn’t gotten a prime variant just yet. Here’s when Wisp Prime is coming to Warframe.

When Will Wisp Prime Release in Warframe?

As it stands, Wisp is the oldest frame in the game that doesn’t yet possess a prime. Newer than her are frames such as Protea, Voruna, Yareli, and Xaku, among others. Given that the last prime frame to release was Hildryn Prime, the frame released before Wisp, this makes it only natural that the support frame is due to get a prime variant next. Digital Extremes have yet to give an exact date for Wisp Prime’s release, though there are a few things we can use to speculate.

First things first, Devstream #171 revealed two major things about Wisp Prime. One, the fact that her motes will also get a prime redesign to look more regal, similar to how other prime frames appear. The other big piece of news is that it will be coming with a later update in the Summer. Given that the next update, The 7 Crimes of Kullervo, will be released in June, it’s likely we don’t see Wisp Prime release until somewhere in August. However, it could be sooner or later. It all depends on how development goes and whether any internal delays happen.

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As for how Wisp Prime will improve over her base counterpart, it’s likely to follow the same theme as previous frames in that survivability is the main upgrade in terms of Prime improvements. There’s also a good chance that energy will see its base value increase, though this is pure speculation. What we do know for certain is that she’ll likely maintain her status as one of the best frames in the game, as we have tested.

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