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What is the Fastest Capture Mission in Warframe? – Answered

Gotta go fast!

by Shawn Robinson
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While most of the game is fairly easy, Warframe is known to challenge players occasionally. Whether it be through *that* stealth mission in The New War, the Steel Path missions, or even the daily sorties, you can find a challenge just about anywhere you look depending on skill level. One such challenge can award some of that sweet Nightwave XP but is a challenging task no matter how you look at it. Here’s what the fastest Capture mission is in Warframe.

Which Capture Mission in Warframe is the Fastest?

As we somewhat mentioned above, the reason you’re looking this up is likely because of the Nightwave challenge that pops up every once in a while. This challenge asks you to complete a Capture mission in under 90 seconds. That’s a really fast time to beat, though, with some preparation and a good choice of mission, it’s easily doable. To that end, we highly suggest that you run Mantle on Earth. It won’t do much to speed things up compared to the other missions but considering the target will be anywhere from level 2-4, you’ll be able to down it very fast.

That isn’t all you can do to speed things up though. Several warframes offer a speed boost that can make hitting that time much easier. Among these frames includes Wisp with her Haste mote, Volt with his Speed ability, Gauss with his Mach Rush. Other frames that are good for being quick include Revenant, Titania, and Rhino.

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That’s all there is to it. Provided that you can learn the map and know how to move around as quickly as possible, this challenge shouldn’t be a problem. In our first attempt, we completed a mission in 75 seconds without a speed frame equipped, so completing it isn’t too tall a task. Similar to how catching a Mawfish is, which you can read about in our guide.

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