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How to Catch Mawfish in Warframe

Don't worry, it won't bite (hopefully).

Fishing in Warframe might seem simple on the surface but has a surprising amount of complexity. Certain fish only show up during certain times of day, when fishing at a fishing hotspot, and when using certain bait, among many other factors. If you’re looking to get a certain fish, it can take quite a bit of preparation to catch it finally. One such fish is located on the Plains of Eidolon but can be a little confusing to get. Here’s how to catch the Mawfish in Warframe.

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Where to Find Mawfish in Warframe

Before jumping into the Plains and throwing your spear into the lake, there’s one prerequisite you’ll need. In your gear wheel, you’ll need either a Lanzo, Tulok, or Peram fishing spear. All three of these spears can be bought from Hai-Luk for 500 standing a piece, though you’ll only need one. Once that spear is equipped in your gear wheel, head to the Plains of Eidolon and make your way to the Gara Toht Lake. Provided that it’s daytime, Mawfish should be spawning in the lake. They will only spawn there, so you’ll need to head back here if you need more.

Taking the Mawfish back to Hai-Luk to be cut will yield various resources. Similar to other fish, you’ll score some Fish Meat, Fish Scales, and Fish Oil. On top of that, you’ll snag one Mawfish Bones for every Mawfish cut. This resource can be used either toward the Korrudo melee weapon or the Ruhang Link for Zaw crafting. You’ll need 20 Mawfish Bones for the Korrudo, while only five are required per Ruhang Link.

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That’s about it! Compared to other fish, you don’t need to do a whole lot to see the Mawfish spawn. Just keep chucking that spear into the water, and the Mawfish should spawn. Now that you know how to do that, check out our guide on how to get and use Archon Shards in Warframe.

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