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All New Weapons in Warframe’s Duviri Paradox Listed

A whole lot of melee, naturally.

Warframe’s Duviri Paradox is something of an enigma, similar to how the rest of the game experience is. Trying to understand how there’s a strange world located deep within Warframe’s borderworld to everything else in known existence is difficult enough, not to mention how the Drifter and Dominus Thrax fit into this equation. From a gameplay standpoint, it’s a roguelite which is easy enough to understand. That roguelite offers up a good handful of new weapons to snag, though, which ones are available is unknown at first. Here are all new weapons in Warframe’s Duviri Paradox, listed.

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Every New Weapon in Warframe’s Duviri Paradox

In total, five new melee weapons were added alongside one new primary weapon. These five melee weapons have the unique standing of being usable by the Drifter in Duviri, so they almost have a double purpose. You can acquire all of these weapons using the Pathos Clamps that drop from killing the Orowyrm. Here they all are in all their glory:

  • Cinta (Bow)
    • The versatile Cinta can fire arrows in quick succession, quickly charge a shock wave, or fully charge a powerful focused shot.
  • Syam (Nikanas)
    • Syam is at home in the hands of a focused warrior. Its Heavy Attacks send forth shockwaves.
  • Edun (Polearm)
    • Edun befits a dexterous warrior. Heavy Attack to throw Edun. Edun explodes after it is embedded in an enemy.
  • Azothane (Two-Handed Nikana)
    • Azothane calls the visionary warrior to turn the tides of battle. Block and melee attack at the same time to plunge Azothane into the ground, damaging nearby enemies with a shockwave and adding to the combo counter.
  • Sampotes (Hammer)
    • A warrior who prefers brute force will make the most of Sampotes. Its Slams and Heavy Slams have an extended area of effect.
  • Sun & Moon (Dual Swords)
    • Teshin’s twin blades.

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It has to be said, seeing Teshin’s sword description alongside everything else is at least a bit funny. That aside, the Sun & Moon melee isn’t acquired through the Pathos Clamps means we mentioned earlier. Instead, read our guide on how to get Sun & Moon in Warframe.

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