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How to Get the Sun & Moon Melee in Warframe

Now where's Sunset and Sunrise?

Warframe features more than enough weapons with more than enough ways of earning those weapons. While some weapons are as straightforward as buying the blueprint off the Market and building it using resources, others can require you to complete entire questlines before their blueprint becomes available. In the case of Teshin Dax’s swords, they’re on the more difficult end of being acquired. Here’s how to get the Sun & Moon melee weapon in Warframe.

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Where to Get the Sun & Moon Melee Weapon in Warframe

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Before you consider working on getting the Sun & Moon in Warframe, you’ll first want to complete The Duviri Paradox questline. This will teach you about the main form of combat in Duviri through the Drifter, but also has the Drifter using Teshin’s swords, Sun & Moon. These become the starting melee weapon for the Drifter, but with the end of the questline, become craftable to use in standard missions.

Once you’re granted the blueprint at the end of the mission, that isn’t the end of things. You’ll need an array of resources to craft Sun & Moon, including Kovnik, Lamentus, Rune Marrow, and Silphsela. Each of these resources can be found through exploring Duviri and destroying the plants and resource caches located within. The Rune Marrow specifically is best farmed by running the Circuit endless gametype, as many of its caches spawn around. Gather enough of each of these resources, and 24 hours later the Sun & Moon will be yours.

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If you didn’t know, this isn’t the first time you get to use Sun & Moon. During The New War quest, you got to use the weapons during a part that we won’t spoil if you haven’t played through it. The point is, they’re quite strong. You should enjoy using them similar to other weapons, like the fairly new Incarnon Weapons from the Zariman.

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