All Decrees You Can Earn in Warframe’s Duviri Paradox

I do decree that you will see all these Decrees.

Warframe has officially deployed Update 33: The Duviri Paradox on all major platforms. Introducing an entirely new way to start your journey (or continue it), this new open-world experience offers plenty to do for both new and old Tenno. From the new endless Circuit mode, to the intriguing Orowyrm boss battle, you should feel well-fed with new content for some time. During your adventures, you’ll unlock Decrees that act as passive bonuses for your run-through of Duviri. Here are all Decrees that you can earn while playing in the Duviri Paradox.

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Every Decree You Can Acquire in Warframe’s Duviri Paradox Expansion

In total, there are 38 different Decrees that can be earned on a given run-through. You obviously won’t earn all of these in a single run, but it should give a good bit of variety for when you want to head back into the lands of Duviri. As well, we’d like to note that some of these Decrees have multiple upgrades increasing their stats, with each of these stats being marked with an asterisk. These represent the values when they are at their max level. Without further ado, here they all are:

Majestic Strike
Melee attacks hit twice.

Sweeping Blow
Melee Heavy Attacks that strike no enemy create a shockwave, dealing 180%* damage.

Venomous Touch
Every third melee attack deals 300%* Toxin Damage with guaranteed Status Chance.

Shattering Frost
Deal 240%* damage to enemies affected by Cold Status.

Luscinia’s Suffering
Nearby enemies are affected by Cold Status, slowing them.

Lodun’s Rage
Deal 50 Heat Damage per second* to nearby enemies with 15% Status Chance. Enemies stuck suffer +50% Heat Damage for 3 seconds. 

Deadly Momentum
While moving, deal 15% damage per second*. Stacks up to 150%*. Stacks steadily decay when you are stationary.

Tumbling Frost
Drop a frost explosive when you roll. The explosion deals 250 Cold Damage* to nearby enemies and applies 10 Cold Stacks. Explosion radius doubles for Warframes. 

Duelist’s Advantage
Your first shot after reloading deals +400%* damage.

Temporal Acceleration
Casting Abilities boosts movement speed by 150%* for 5 seconds.

Assassin’s Rush
On kill, gain 50% parkour speed for 7 seconds.

Persistent Attrition
The target becomes 10% more vulnerable to damage with each shot. 

Irresistible Bombardment
Each shot briefly increases fire rate by 30%* cumulatively. 

Hammer of Retribution
Ground Slam or Power Strike boost Attack Speed by 75%* for 5 seconds.

Royal Wrath
Each successful Melee hit grants cumulative 30%* Critical Chance for 3 seconds.

Smoldering Strike
Melee Attacks are imbued with fire, dealing 210%* Heat Damage.

Rising Agony
Critical melee hits grant 150%* Critical Damage for 7 seconds.

Bounce Back 
On Ability cast, refund 25% of Energy spent and 30% of Drifter Transference charge rate for 6 seconds.

Twofold Torment
Status Effects deal double damage.

Ranger’s Reload
Rolling reloads the equipped weapon.

Dueler’s Outburst
On Critical Hit, gain 90%* melee attack speed for 3 seconds.

Morale Boost
With full Health, Warframes regenerate 5 Energy per second and Drifter has 20% Transference regeneration.

Tactical Repositioning 
After taking damage, roll immediately to recover 75%* of the damage taken.

Killer’s Confidence
On melee kill, gain 120* OVERGUARD. Overguard boost doubles for Warframes.

  • Overguard is a defense mechanism that grants additional Health protection and provides Knockdown Immunity as long as there is an amount remaining. Read on to learn more about combat in Duviri! 

Nourishing Terror
Inflicting a Status Effect restores 100* Health.

Toxic Approach
During combat, leave behind a Toxin cloud every 10 seconds for 5 seconds. Enemies within the cloud suffer 25 Impact and 25 Toxin Damage per second.

Close Contagion
Foes inflicted with Status Effects have a 50% chance to spread that Status to enemies within 10m.

Fearsome Bonanza
Gain +100%* Damage for every enemy affected by Status within 20m.

Envious Economy
Casting an Ability grants a 90%* chance for the next Ability cast to have no cooldown for Drifter or cost no Energy for a Warframe. 

Proficient Fighter
Drifter Ability cooldown reduced by 45%*. Warframes gain +45%* Ability Efficiency.

Every Decree collected increases movement speed by 10%.

Critical Roll
After rolling, increase Critical Damage by 120%* for 4 seconds.

Between the Eyes
On Headshot, gain 150%* damage for 3 seconds.

Evasive Tremors
Rolling deals 300 damage* to nearby enemies and staggers them. Damage radius doubles for Warframes. 

Critical Frost
Critical Hits deal 200%* Cold Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect.

Vicious Barb
Critical Damage is doubled.

Bombastine’s Malice 
On Headshot, 30% chance for enemies near the target will be inflicted with 150%* Toxin.

Greedy Heal
Killing enemies restores 50%* Health.

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Many of these Decrees are much stronger than others. In my time playing around with some of the offered buffs, Vicious Barb, Tactical Repositioning, and Majestic Strike have all seemed to bring the strongest benefits. Be sure to play around with the buffs though to know what might work best for you. Your choice of weapon is especially important, with Incarnon Weapons being some of the strongest and most mysterious.

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