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How to Grav Jump in Starfield

Intergalatic jump

Grav Jump is your interplanetary fast-travel system in Starfield. There are numerous planets you can visit in your playthrough, and it would be a hassle to manually pilot your ship to each and every one of those. But this comfortable yet confusing system is here to help us, and here’s what you need to do to start traveling through planets.

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How to Start Grav Jumping in Starfield

Board your ship and press Take Off to enter the galaxies. Once you’re out in space, press Tab/Start and select the upper left panel (named as the planet you’re currently in plus “ship”). This will open the planet you’re currently in. Keep hitting Tab/Start to expand to see the entire Solar System you’re currently visiting and, later, the entire galaxy.

Starfield Grav Jump Solar Systems
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Pick which Solar System you want to visit, then select the planet you want to land on. Some planets may not be immediately available, and you’ll need to progress a bit more before traveling to them. 

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Other things might impede your Grav Jump, like having too much cargo stored inside your ship’s Cargo Hold or not having allocated enough Grav Drive to your ship. You can freely reallocate your points anytime by using the arrows (both in the controller and on the keyboard), so increase your GRV bar a bit if you get the Grav Jump Pending message.

If you just cannot reach a particular planet, maybe you need to upgrade your Grav Drive or just install a completely new one. You can do both things at the Ship Services Technician for a good amount of Credits. You’ll need to do those upgrades (or get a new ship altogether) sooner or later, so remember that if you suddenly can’t travel to a distant planet. You can even sell your old ones if you’re really low on money.

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