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Starfield Ship Services Technician
Image via Prima Games.

All Ship Services Technician Locations in Starfield

And here's our new captain!

While you could probably use one ship throughout your time in Starfield, being able to upgrade that ship or even build an entirely new one can be a massive help. To upgrade your ship, you’ll need a Ship Services Technician—here are all Ship Services Technician locations in Starfield.

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Every Ship Services Technician in Starfield

In total, there are 15 Ship Services Technicians in Starfield. They can be found at each of the following locations:

  • New Atlantis
  • Akila City
  • Neon
  • Ryujin Industries
  • The Eleos Retreat
  • The Key
  • Stroud-Eklund Staryard
  • Cydonia
  • Gagarin Landing
  • Hopetown
  • Paradiso
  • Red Mile
  • The Den
  • Deimos Staryard
  • New Homestead

New Atlantis Ship Services Technician

Starfield New Atlantis Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The first Technician is the easiest one to find, being next to the first off-ramp you take once you exit your ship in New Atlantis. He’ll often be leaning against the Trade Authority kiosk in a strangely sassy pose, and offers a fair selection of parts.

Akila City Ship Services Technician

Starfield Akila City Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The second Technician is slightly harder to find, but still fairly easy. Once you reach Akila City, walk toward the front gate but don’t go through. Instead, you’ll see a small building immediately to the right of the front gate. Above the door should read Ship Services. Head inside, and the suspiciously similar Technician should be doing whatever it is he does.

Neon Ship Services Technician

Starfield Neon Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

This spawn is bugged for some like myself, and there’s no Technician there. As of writing, I’m unsure of how to get them to spawn.

With Technicians in New Atlantis and Akila City, it should come as no surprise that there’s one more for the last major city, Neon. Once you’ve landed in the Neon spaceport, there will be a Ship Services building to the left of your ship. Inside should hopefully be the Ship Services Technician.

Ryujin Industries Ship Services Technician

Starfield Ryujin Industries Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Strangely enough, Ryujin Industries has its own Ship Services Technician. If you land at Neon and take the central elevator to Neon Core, you can head over to the Ryujin Industries building and take their elevator to the Taiyo Astroneering floor. Speaking with Veronica Young at the Show Room, you can score yourself some Taiyo Astroneering ship parts.

The Eleos Retreat Ship Services Technician

Starfield Eleos Retreat Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

While a bit off the beaten path, The Eleos Retreat has its own Ship Services Technician. To reach them, head to the Ixyll system and land on the planet Ixyll II, through the Eleos Retreat landing zone. At the spaceport, you should see the Eleos Retrea Technician hanging out in a small building.

The Key Ship Services Technician

Starfield Jazz
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The Crimson Fleet happens to have their own Ship Services Technician named Jazz, though she can be lost depending on your choices during the Crimson Fleet mission line. If you’ve completed the mission Deep Cover and haven’t lost her, she can be found aboard The Key in the Wolf system. Head inside and to the left into the Cargo Bay. Her shop can be found on the left side of the bay.

Stroud-Eklund Ship Services Technician

Starfield Stroud-Eklund Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

This Ship Services Technician is a bit hidden but can be found with some searching. To reach them, head to the Stroud-Eklund Staryard in the Narion system around the moon Dalvik. As you enter, you should see a man sitting inside a cubicle named Havershaw. He’s the Technician of the staryard.

Cydonia Ship Services Technician

Starfield Cydonia Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The third Technician is easy to miss if you aren’t careful. As you reach the entrance airlock to Cydonia on Mars, don’t head inside just yet. Instead, go to the left of the entrance with the Ship Services building, and the Ship Services Technician just outside of it.

Gagarin Landing Ship Services Technician

Starfield Gagarin Landing Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

This Technician is hard to find since you wouldn’t visit this planet otherwise. To get to him, land at the Gagarin Landing spaceport on Gagarin in the Alpha Centauri system. He can be found just before entering the town itself.

Hopetown Ship Services Technician

Starfield Hopetown Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The Hopetown Technician is basically asking to not be missed. As you land in Hopetown (which is found in the Valo system on the planet of Polvo), you’ll find the Ship Services Technician at the entrance, donning an orange suit, unlike their co-workers.

Paradiso Ship Services Technician

Starfield Paradiso Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Contrary to the last Technician, this is one I didn’t find until I was searching for them for this guide. After landing in Paradiso (found on Porrima II in the Porrima system), head over to the Trade Authority kiosk on the landing pad. To the right of it will be a man dressed in Paradiso Staff attire, who’s the region’s Ship Services Technician.

Red Mile Ship Services Technician

Starfield Lon Anderssen
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The Red Mile Technician is a unique member of this list, as they aren’t named how you’d normally expect. Once you land in Red Mile (found on the Porrima III planet in the Porrima system), make your way through the airlock where you’ll immediately see the Ship Services office. Go inside and speak to Lon Anderssen, who is the Ship Services Technician. The man looks like he’s seen better days.

The Den Ship Services Technician

Starfield The Den Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Turns out that even one of the best places to sell your contraband has its own Technician. You can find this one directly in front of you as you enter The Den, found within the Wolf system orbiting the planet of Chthonia. They even gave him his own pillar, how thoughtful.

Deimos Ship Services Technician

Starfield Nikau Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

This Technician goes by the name of Nikau instead of the usual Ship Services Technician. He can be found by heading to Deimos, the moon of Mars in the Sol system, and landing in the nearby Deimos Shipyard. Head through the station and down to the lower floor, where Nikau will be standing and waiting to help you out.

New Homestead Ship Services Technician

Starfield New Homestead Ship Services Technician
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Our final Technician can be found minding his own business next to one of the many Trade Authority kiosks. To reach him, head to Titan, the moon of Saturn, located within the Sol system. As you land at the New Homestead landing zone, you should see him standing near the Trade Authority kiosk.

Which Ship Services Technicians Offer Specialized Parts?

Certain Ship Services Technicians will offer up parts specific to a certain brand, making them great for if you want to see a company’s catalog of parts. The following Technicians have those inventories:

  • Ryujin Industries Technician – Sells Taiyo ship parts.
  • Stroud-Eklund Technician – Sells exotic parts.
  • Hopetown Technician – Sells HopeTech ship parts.
  • Red Mile Technician – Sells shielded Cargo Holds (designed to hold contraband).
  • Deimos Technician – Sells Deimos ship parts.
  • New Homestead Technician – Sells Nova Galactic ship parts.

What Does a Ship Services Technician Do in Starfield?

If you’re planning on messing with your ship in any capacity in Starfield, then a Ship Services Technician is your best friend. Speaking with them will give you a few options, between repairing your ship for a fee, viewing and modifying a ship, or letting you purchase a new one if you don’t feel like messing around with the Ship Builder for hours. They’re a surprisingly useful NPC.

Are There Mods That Improve Ship Vendors?

If you’re playing on PC, you can find plenty of mods that can improve Ship Services Technicians. A modder by the name of Synthlight made plenty of mods that remove the limitations of ship construction. You can download them here on Nexus Mods. Some mods expand vendor inventories and currency, such as this one here by Ixion XVII.

If you’re exploring the Ship Services Technician’s dialogue for the first time, check out our guide on how to upgrade your ship in Starfield.

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