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How to Get Yarrow in Sons of the Forest

Where are the white flowers?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Get Yarrow in Sons of the Forest

As in many other survival games, the most important thing is to stay alive! In practice, this means having a full health bar, and in Sons of the Forest, you achieve this by consuming meds that restore your health points. White flowers, called Yarrow, are used in crafting the Health Mix – a consumable healing item, so knowing where to get them is a very important survival skill. To learn how to find Yarrow flowers in Sons of The Forest check out the guide below.

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How to Get Yarrow in Sons of the Forest?

You can find these low-growing white flowers in the Sons of Forest regions near the beaches as well as around the caves found in the forest. The place where you will definitely find them and which you can use for farming is the area surrounding by the cave you visited when you went to get the Rebreather and Stun Gun – once there, check around the trees.

Sons of the Forest – the flower-picking simulator!

When you finally find Yarrow you can:

  • Pick it up. Stash it in your inventory, in order to craft the Health Mix later.
  • Consume it. You can also eat yarrow flowers in their raw form to quench your thirst, although eating flowers is not as effective in reducing thirst by drinking water, it can help in a pinch.
  • Get the Yarro seeds, if you want to plant some more.

How to Craft the Health Mix in Sons of the Forest

In order to craft some Health Mix you will need Yarrow and Aloe Vera. Once you have the plants, just open your inventory and combine them to make the Health Mix. It’s a health restorative item that will recover a small amount of your health bar, so in order to get back to full health, you will need to craft a lot of it. Alternatively, you can create the stronger version – Health Mix+ but for that one, you won’t need Yarrow at all, but the combination of Aloe Vera, Horsetail, and Fireweed plants.

Now you know where to find Yarrow in Sons of the Forest as well as all of its uses. We hope that it will make surviving those brutal nights in the forest a little bit easier! Have fun.

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