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What Does the “Fight Demons” Tattoo Mean in Sons of the Forest? – Answered

Fight the demons of uncertainty.

by Shawn Robinson
Sons of the Forest Turtle

Sons of the Forest has a surprising amount of lore to sift through despite its focus on the gameplay side of things. You could probably play the game without ever thinking about its lore and be just fine, but the whole dump of information on Sahara Therapeutics and PuffCorp is pretty interesting to sift through. One open plot thread is at the beginning of the game, though has many players stumped, even after finishing the game. Here’s what the “Fight Demons” tattoo means in Sons of the Forest.

What is the “Fight Demons” Tattoo in Sons of the Forest?

DISCLAIMER: This article will contain spoilers for the Sons of the Forest story. If you haven’t finished the game or care about the story, go and finish the game first before reading.

The “Fight Demons” tattoo first appears when you start in the helicopter, learning about the three people missing on the mysterious island you’re about to survive on. Shortly before the crash, your character will pull up their sleeve and reveal the tattoo in question, with seemingly no information for a while on it.

While the game never directly answers this question, there are a few things we can infer. One more direct reference is the enemies that appear as you enter the volcanic caves at the end of the game, which are referred to as Demons. This is because their skin can be burned by using the cross on them, an item you may have gotten early on. It’s possible this tattoo refers to those enemies, as it’s possible to stay on the island and continue to “Fight Demons”.

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Another possibility is that it’s just talking about fighting “demons” in the form of cannibals spread across the island. This would be a lot simpler which isn’t Endnight’s style (as evident by that ending), but it could give a reason as to why the tattoo is never mentioned again.

While this doesn’t give any definitive answer, this should hopefully clear some things up surrounding the tattoo. Now you can find the definitive answer to where to find the Modern Axe with our guide.

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