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How to Use Mods with Sons of the Forest

Those pesky PC gamers, always up to modding :)

by Nikola L
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Sons of the Forest seems to be growing into a great hit, with its Early Access grabbing the attention of hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. It also seems that it’s a worthy successor of the critically acclaimed “The Forest” title.

Naturally, the unwritten rule for single player PC games is that if it exists, it must be modded to hell and back. And of course, another meme law is that the longer the game exists, the odds that a CJ from GTA: San Andreas mod will be made is moving closer to 100%. I mean if they added CJ into Stray, what’s stopping them to bring him into SotF?

In this article, Prima Games will tell you how to install and use mods in Sons of the Forest and where to find them in the first place.

How to Download Mods for Sons of the Forest

The usual hub for all modders is, of course, Nexus Mods. There, you can find all sorts of mods for Sons of the Forest. Keep in mind that while not many mods are available now, there are still some quite useful mods like Faster Inventory Panning.

You will, in most cases, also need a tool called BepInExPack IL2CPP.

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How to Install Mods for Sons of the Forest

Installation of mods for Sons of the Forest is similar to many other PC games, different from mod to mod. Every modder makes the effort to explain the installation steps on their mod page. But, Prima Games has a valuable tip:

Always backup save files, and files that you are about to replace/overwrite, in a different folder. In case things go south, you then have a way to restore the game files to the state they were in before you started your modding adventures.

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