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How to Duplicate Items in Sons of the Forest – Glitch Explained (NOW DEFUNCT)

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by Nikola L
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This article might go into the “things I wish I knew before starting Sons of the Forest” category but it is what it is. Early Access games are often bug-ridden and there are some (un)intentional glitches that players randomly discover and start sharing. One of them is a way to duplicate some items in Sons of the Forest by using a glitch. Prima Games has witnessed the magic of item duplication in Sons of the Forest, and we’re ready to reveal the trick to you.

How to Multiply Items in Sons of the Forest (NO LONGER WORKING)

With Sons of the Forest Patch 02 this bug has been fixed and saving the game will also save the “position” of the container which you have opened and will remember that it was opened. This means that this glitch/bug has been repaired/fixed and that it’s no longer working. It’s been cool while it lasted!

Item multiplication (duplication) cannot be done on all items, but it can still prove useful. It should be done when you get out of the crashed helicopter because it’s probably the easiest and most convenient location to use this exploit at. Alternatively, you can do it at any location that has crates, suitcases, or any other containers you need to open in order to get the loot from them. First, you must build a shelter where you can sleep and save your game, preferably at the campsite you want to duplicate items from.

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How to Use the Free Item Bug in Sons of the Forest (BUG/GLITCH FIXED)

After building your shelter, start looting everything around you. When you are done, go to your shelter, save the game, exit to the main menu, and load that same save file you just made. Unless the glitch is fixed (which is bound to happen Soon™), you will arrive at your saved location with all those nearby containers, crates, and suitcases closed with items still in them. Rinse and repeat until you get enough C4 to blow the whole damn island to smithereens, lol.

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That’s it for this glitch in Sons of the Forest. Be advised that this is not the intended way to play the game and that it might make you deviate from the intended experience the developers wanted you to have.

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