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How to Get the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest

Please read this article before snow falls on the island...

by Nikola L
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When you originally arrive (*cough* crash land *cough*) on the Island in Sons of the Forest, you are greeted by seemingly Spring-ish weather and probably have no fear of the weather conditions on the Island. Sure, you occasionally get wet in the rain or by jumping in the water, but when your character wakes up and you witness that suddenly everything around you is white due to nearly 10 inches of snow, you soon realize that your character is cold and wet.

Sure, you can warm yourself up by sitting next to a campfire, or by running around with a torch, but you need a permanent on-the-go solution, and this is where the Winter Jacket comes in. Prima Games will guide you to the location of the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest so that you can get it as soon as possible and be ready because winter is coming.

Location of Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest

The Winter Jacket can be located in a camp in the southwest section of the island. We have made a couple of screenshots for you, along with some navigation guides to help you manage your traversal across the island to the Winter Jacket:

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Screenshot by Prima Games

Where to Find Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest

There is a camp in this part of the map where the Winter Jacket is obtainable. You will easily find it in one of the tents and can press “E” (default) to pick it up. Here’s a closer look at the location below:

Screenshot by Prima Games

You will spot a specifically-shaped lake. By gradually zooming in and out with your GPS handheld device, you will be able to spot it eventually. Hold “E” (default key) to equip it immediately, or tap E once to stash it in your inventory. You will later find it in the far bottom-right corner of your inventory. That’s it! Congratulations.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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