How to Get to the Gutanbac Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Otherwise known as how to get up that damned ice wall.

Beginning your journey in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an exciting time. You’re learning the basics of movement and combat, you’re completing shrines and unlocking new abilities, and you’re confronting your worst fears – snowy areas. Don’t fret, if you’re having trouble reaching the third shrine atop the snowy mountain of Great Sky Island, we have got you covered. Here’s how to get to the Third Shrine and unlock Ascend in Tears of the Kingdom.

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How to Reach Gutanbac Shrine and Unlock Ascend in Tears of the Kingdom

It’s important to note that Gutanbac Shrine may not actually be the third shrine in your playthrough, as Tears of the Kingdom gives you the freedom to go your own way after completing the first shrine. We are assuming that Gutanbac Shrine is the third on your list as it’s the farther of the two once you’re set free to explore. However, if you’re actually trying to unlock the Fuse ability instead, we have got a guide on reaching In-isa Shrine for you here.

Now, assuming your starting point is In-isa Shrine over in the southwestern area of Great Sky Island, you will simply need to traverse across the southern region while heading east. Check out the map below:

Screenshot by Prima Games

This journey entails crossing over gaps via railways and minecarts which, if you’ve made it this far, you likely already know how to do. Make your way to the eastern region of Great Sky Island until you’re met with a large stone structure next to a snowy cliffside.

Screenshot by Prima Games

You will notice a small entrance to a cave to the right of the stone structure. Enter the cave and make your way through the other side. Throughout the cave are bunches of Spicy Pepper plants and a Cooking Pot. This is known as foreshadowing. Grab those peppers and cook yourself a couple spicy meals – you’ll thank me later.

Once you exit the cave, you will emerge in a much colder location. Now is a good time to munch on something spicy.

Screenshot by Prima Games

With the Gutanbac Shrine in sight, you will just have to traverse a little longer through the cold mountaintops. Head towards the ice wall ahead of you and be wary of enemies along the way. Once you get closer to the ice wall, you will notice another cave entrance in the wall. Head inside the Bottomless Cave and climb the stairs until you reach the exit.

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You will find yourself even higher than before. Head left alongside the ice wall, where you will reach a group of trees atop a small hill and a large waterfall just a little further on. Take a close look at that waterfall, and you may notice something significant.

Screenshot by Prima Games

That’s right – a small sliver of climbable wall that, somehow, is not frozen. Jump down and shimmy behind the waterfall to reach the wall and climb up. The Gutanbac Shrine will be just ahead once you reach the top.

Alternatively, if you’re like me (a caveman), you can use the small group of trees I mentioned earlier to build yourself a log ladder.

Screenshot by Prima Games

I used an axe to chop down a couple trees and used the Ultrahand ability to merge them together. Then, I placed my log ladder against the ice wall and climbed up. Hey, there are no wrong answers in Tears of the Kingdom!

Screenshot by Prima Games

Either way you decide, you will reach the third shrine in no time, where you will unlock the Ascend ability. Once you finish Gutanbac Shrine, why not find yourself some warm pants to survive the cold? The Archaic Warm Greaves are just outside the shrine and are a perfect opportunity to test out your new ability.

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