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How to Get Archaic Warm Greaves in Tears of the Kingdom

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by Matt Vatankhah

Crossing through the cold and snowy regions of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is not without its hardships. For one, ice tends to form on the walls, preventing Link from being able to climb without the appropriate tools. Even worse, the cold causes Link’s temperature to drop to dangerous levels, where he’ll quickly freeze to death if not properly suited for the climate. That’s no way to save Hyrule! Here’s how to get the Archaic Warm Greaves in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom so you won’t be left out in the cold.

Where to Find Archaic Warm Greaves and Increase Cold Resistance in Tears of the Kingdom

The Archaic Warm Greaves in TotK will give you some natural cold resistance, which is just enough to survive in all of the snowy regions of Great Sky Island. With them equipped, you’ll no longer need to worry about cooking spicy food to wander around safely. Thankfully, getting your hands on a pair of Archaic Warm Greaves is pretty simple, but you’ll have to do a little legwork beforehand. Follow these steps to get them:

1. Reach the Gutanbac Shrine

The Archaic Warm Greaves are actually located right next to the third shrine on Great Sky Island. If you’re having trouble getting there, check out our guide on how to reach the Gutanbac Shrine here. Activate the shrine and step inside.

2. Finish the Shrine and Unlock the Ascend Ability

The Gutanbac Shrine will unlock another ability for Link – Ascend. Now, you’ll be able to magically phase through most solid objects directly above you. Though having Ascend is not mandatory, it makes reaching the Archaic Warm Greaves extremely easy to do.

After completing the third shrine, step outside and look to your north. You’ll notice a large tree stump with an open entrance atop an icy hill.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Inside this stump is a chest with the Archaic Warm Greaves. But how do you reach it when it’s surrounded by ice? I managed to find an area of the hill I could climb up, completely forgetting that I’d just unlocked an ability that could do that work for me. Don’t be like me. Instead, just walk towards the stump where you’ll see a platform protruding out from the entrance.

3. Use Ascend Underneath the Platform

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It’s almost like Tears of the Kingdom put it there on purpose. Walk underneath the protruding platform and activate your Ascend ability. When you see the circle above you glowing green, you can press A to launch Link up in the air and through the other side of the platform.

4. Open the Chest inside the Tree

Screenshot by Prima Games

Inside the tree stump, you’ll find an unlit campfire with a chest nearby. You can use a fire arrow to light the campfire if you’re getting cold, or you can open up that chest to get a brand new pair of Archaic Warm Greaves.

Open up your inventory and equip the Archaic Warm Greaves, and you’ll no longer have to worry about your cold resistance on Great Sky Island.

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