How to Get Through the Spider Door in Stage 7 in Dead Island 2

Open the door, unleash the zombies

So, you have made it onto Stage 7, which is dedicated to the movie (or perhaps sequel?) of Rise of the Spider God, which we have seen splashed everywhere. It is a small, dark room that hosts a handful of zombies, but most importantly it has a singular door that is locked. Here is how to get through the Spider Door in Stage 7 in Dead Island 2.

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How to Get Through the Spider Door in Stage 7 in Dead Island 2

It is shocking that Michael Anders has made it this far. He is twitchy, nervous, tightly wound, and yet his desperate attempt to prove himself to Emma Jaunt has got him this far.

And now we must follow him. Unfortunately, if you have made it to Stage 7, you will see that there is no easy way through the stage. There is one door beneath a giant spider that is tightly locked. But there is a way to open it.

Face towards the spider and its door, then turn left. You will see a plywood wall with a door carved into it. Head through the door and turn left again. Just past the metal gate will be a white tarp over a wooden platform.

Climb up onto this tarp, then turn left again. You will see on top of a black box with a circuit breaker on top of it. Do not worry about the dead guy, he is actually dead.

Pick up the battery, then run to the back wall (opposite of the giant spider). Turn left and you will see a breaker panel against the wall.

Insert the circuit breaker, then return to the center of the room. The three black control boxes that you could not interact with before are now interactable!

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But be careful before you start throwing switches. Once you open the doors, you will be swarmed with zombies, and you will want to use the Rain FX and Light Rig Release Switch strategically. By flipping the Light Rig Release, you will drop the lights, you will drop the lights and cause massive electrical area of effect damage. But only once!

If you were sweating out the hordes of zombies on your way here, be sure to grab this great early game weapon: How to Complete “My Mailman Was a Zombie!” in Dead Island 2.

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