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How to Complete #Clickbait in Dead Island 2

What won't we do for those clicks?

by Daphne Fama

Dead Island 2 is a sprawling world with a surprising number of living people in it. Living people who are utterly ridiculous in every way. That especially includes Amanda, the side quest giver for #Clickbait. Here is how to complete #Clickbait in Dead Island 2.

How to Complete #Clickbait in Dead Island 2

If you have recently returned from the Halperin Hotel, it is possible that you have made the long walk back to Bel-Air and happened to arrive at the Goat Pen. Upon doing so, you will immediately see a splash of fireworks (or zombies on fire, either way) on the roof of the Pen.

This is the handiwork of an absolutely delusional influencer, but if you want to get involved and grab some nice, juicy XP, head to the roof of the Goat Pen.

Approach Amanda, who will instantly mistake you for a super-fan, and agree to take part in her viral shenanigans. So, let us get started.

  • Blast some music and lure in the zombies for a rooftop rumble!

Our first goal is to start up the music. From where you spoke to Amanda, turn around and you will find a DJ booth with a laptop in it. Interact with the laptop and music will start blasting. Zombies will start spawning in infinitely.

And before we go any further, did you know that this quest is the source of the infinite XP farm? Check out our article on it here: Best Early Game XP Farm in Dead Island 2.

  • Boot some brain-eating butts off the roof [0/6]

Once the zombies start spawning in, you will want to kick them off the roof. This requires some finessing. If you have the pre-order bonus card, Personal Space, now is a good time to equip this skill.

Stand near the edge, then wait for some zombies to approach you. Once they do, get in position and start kicking them rapidly over the edge. You will likely get attacked by other zombies as you do so, but knocking a zombie off a roof is very satisfying.

Do this six times and Amanda will call out to you.

  • Go for the limbs and get your maim on! [0/12]

Alright, that is enough kicking. Now it is time to start maiming. A bladed weapon, or a weapon capable of slicing, is ideal for this quest step. All you need to do is cut off 12 limbs, and you can cut off multiple limbs on the same zombie and have it still count.

The legs, I have found, are the easiest. But go for whatever body part speaks to you.

  • Burninate the zombies to death!! [0/6]

Now that we have successfully de-limbed enough zombies, it is time for the hardest step. Burning them to their double death.

It is possible that when you start this quest that you do not yet have a mod that lets you do fire damage. If that is the case, equip the meat bomb curveball and throw it into one of the nearby fires. This will attract zombies to it.

Alternatively, you can lead zombies into the fire by standing on the opposite of the flames. They will tromp right through it to get to you.

Once you have successfully killed six burning zombies, we can move onto the next step.

  • Mop ’em up for some epic B-Roll!

Now you just have to clear the roof! Destroy each of the stragglers and Amanda will tell you have done a job well done. But more importantly, you will get 1,500 XP. Nice!

If you want to grab one of the best early-game weapons, you will want to complete this quest in Hell-Air: How to Complete “My Mailman Was a Zombie!” in Dead Island 2.

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