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How to Complete “My Mailman Was a Zombie!” in Dead Island 2

Where to find the Mailman in Dead Island 2, including exact map locations

One of the earliest Lost & Found missions in Dead Island 2 is called “My Mailman Was a Zombie!” The mission tasks players with retracing a delivery man’s steps to unlock a chest with a valuable weapon. Unlike other side Lost & Found missions, there is only one findable journal entry in the entire mission that provides three addresses, and ultimately makes the elusive mailman very difficult to locate. However, rather than aimlessly wandering around Bel-Air, here is how to easily complete “My Mailman Was a Zombie!” in Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island 2 – My Mailman Was a Zombie Mission

Address #1: The Goat Pen

The first mail location is at the Goat Pen, head towards the front door, but don’t enter.

Near the front door and to the right, you will see some stacked packages, signifying that the mailman made a delivery here and left. Interact with the boxes, then turn around, head back out toward the street and up the stairs towards Curtis Sinclair’s house.

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Address #2: Near Curtis Sinclair’s House

In the location pictured above, at a gate that blocks the way to one of Curtis Sinclair’s neighbor’s houses, you will find the second mail location.

Once again, near the gate, you will see some stacked packages, signifying that the mailman made a delivery here and left. Interact with the boxes, then turn around, head north toward back to where you started in Bel-Air during one of the earliest story missions in the game.

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Address #3: Back to the Bel-Air Starting Point

At a garage next to where you initially entered Bel-Air in the second story mission of Dead Island 2, you will finally encounter the Mailman, who has mutated into a formidable Slobber with some zombie backup. Watch out for the Slobber’s projectile vomit and use your respective character’s strengths to take out the undead postman. Personally, I found that ranged weapons are very useful in this mini-boss fight. Once you have defeated the mailman, loot the key he drops.

Return to the Weapon Chest

Head back to the chest where the mission began, open it with your new key, and you will obtain the “Raven” a sharpshooter rifle.

The Raven is a powerful early-game weapon that works well in ranged combat against basic zombies and their tougher, mutated forms. It will serve you well until you acquire even rarer, better firepower in the latter stages of Dead Island 2.

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