Best Early Game XP Farm in Dead Island 2

The GOAT Pen is, coincidentally, a great place to farm

Dead Island 2 is a strange amalgamation of survival action comedy and RPG. And because there are plenty of RPG elements, that means that it’s possible to farm out XP and levels. Here’s the best early game XP farm in Dead Island 2.

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Best Early Game XP Farm in Dead Island 2

So, Dead Island 2 is absolutely rife with the undead. Like, an entire city’s worth of them. And in a particular side quest, you can get them to spawn infinitely. Which means that you can grind out XP until your weapons break or you get bored and decide to do something else.

Here’s what you need to do.

First, while this is an early game method, you’ll still need to go to the Halperin Hotel to contact the authorities. Once you’ve done that and you’re instructed to head back to your safe house in Bel-Air, you’ll pass through the Goat Pen.

Immediately, you’ll get a side quest title splashed across your screen: ‘#Clickbait’.

On the roof of the Goat Pen, you’ll see a woman blowing up zombies. Climb up the stairs to her and speak to her. She’ll ask you to blast some music at the DJ booth to lure zombies for a rooftop rumble. Here’s the golden egg in this goose of a side quest.

The zombies never, ever, stop spawning. At least, so long as you don’t actually complete the quest objective. And it’s pretty easy to avoid kicking zombies off the roof.

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So, after you speak to Amanda, turn around and head to the DJ booth. Once you’ve done that, head to the far right, towards the hedge wall. Zombies will continuously spawn here. One excellent method for killing zombies en masse is to wait until there are quite a few of them (at least two or three), throwing a Chem Bomb at them, then hitting them with an electric weapon.

Alternatively, you can lead them to the various fires on the roof and let them burn, allowing you to rake up some elemental challenges.

To sum it up:

  • Head to the Goat Pen in Bel-Air after completing the Halperin Hotel Story Mission
  • Speak to Amanda on the Goat Pen roof
  • Start the music at the DJ booth
  • Do not complete the side quest and zombies will spawn infinitely

Also important to note is that if your weapons do break or you get bored… you can just leave. By going downstairs, the side quest will end in ten seconds, stopping the flow of zombies. You can then continue with whatever you were doing, repair your weapons, and come back whenever you like to either continue the farm or finish it for a spicy 2,500 XP.

Make sure you’re equipped to handle the hoards. Check out our guide on how to refresh the local merchant’s stocks here: Where is the Key for Curtis’ Valuables Safe in Dead Island 2? – Answered.

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