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Where is the Key for Curtis’ Valuables Safe in Dead Island 2? – Answered

Better grab that key before the zombies find a way in

by Daphne Fama

One of the first safes you’ll encounter belongs to the living legend Curtis Sinclair. And because he’s ditching the digs for good, you can have what’s inside. But how do you get in? How do you find the key to Curtis’ Valuables Safe in Dead Island 2?

How to Get the Key for Curtis’ Valuables Safe in Dead Island 2

So, you’ve killed the party crashers, smacked around Curtis’ ungrateful nephew, and watched Curtis himself slowly descend a stair rail of his Bel-Air mansion. Your reward? Free rein to loot his house, which, I think we can all agree, is what we were going to do anyway, permission or not.

But if you’ve stumbled across Curtis’ safe, you’ll notice that there’s no key nearby. Or is there?

The key to the safe is actually very close by… but you won’t have access to it until you progress the game’s main story mission. Without spoilers, the key is in the garden of Curtis’ mission, which is currently inaccessible. Dead Island 2’s world is pretty sprawling, but there are definitely some (arBITEtrary?) barriers scattered here and there.

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But with spoilers (don’t continue if you don’t want spoilers)

To gain access to the keys of the safes scattered around the map in Dead Island 2, you’re occasionally going to need to defeat unique zombies. That’s the case for Curtis’ Safe. The key is on Crystal the Lawyer, who you’ll encounter in the guest house once the Screamer special infected is introduced.

This is a fantastic callback to the notes you find in Curtis’ house. She was Tony, Curtis’ scheming nephew, who intended to rob his uncle. Looks like their plans fell through.

But safe keys aren’t the only valuables to be found around Bel-Air. Check out how to find fuses here: Where to Find Fuses in Dead Island 2.

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