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Where to Find Fuses in Dead Island 2

It's conFUSEing!

by Grant Testa

Early on in Dead Island 2, you will encounter “Fuseboxes,” which can unlock doors to rooms that provide valuable resources and powerful weapons. These doors require “Fuses” to open, but it isn’t very clear where to find these unlocking items if you do not pay close attention to the on-screen tutorials. Here is everything you need to know about finding fuses and how to unlock Fuseboxes in Dead Island 2.

Fuses & Fuseboxes in Dead Island 2

In a very brief, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it tutorial, Dead Island 2 explains that “Fuseboxes are found around LA. You need a fuse to access the cool loot they protect. Fuses can be bought from traders.”

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Buying Fuses in Dead Island 2

The earliest trader found in Dead Island 2 is Carlos, who is located in Bel-Air at Emma Jaunt’s mansion. You will meet him during an early-game mission explaining how to buy and craft item upgrades.

Carlos and the other traders found in the game’s ten locations sell Fuses for $1,500.

This can be pretty expensive in the early-game, so it is best to wait to buy fuses and unlock fuse doors until the point when you have stockpiled more funds.

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Fuseboxes in Dead Island 2 can be marked with waypoints on the map, allowing for players to easily navigate to them.

When you reach a Fusebox, place the Fuse in the slot, which will remove the item from your inventory, and open the nearby locked door.

However, be warned, as many Fusebox doors have traps or zombies lurking inside, awaiting their next meal. Take out the zombies and environmental hazards before you sift through the lockers and chests.

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