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Where is the Military Supplies Key in Dead Island 2 – Answered

What's worth locking up in here?

by Daphne Fama

If you’re on your way to the Halperin Hotel, it’s likely you’ve encountered the yellow locked box on the back of a military vehicle. But how do you unlock it? Where is the military supplies key in Dead Island 2? We have the answer.

Where is the Military Supplies Key in Dead Island 2 – Answered

So, Dead Island 2 has a funny habit of putting tantalizing safe deposit and supply boxes in front of you and then refusing to produce the key. That’s the case with the Military Supplies box, which is on the back of the military vehicle near the workbench at the start of the District/Halperin Hotel map.

Unfortunately, if you encounter this supplies box before you’ve tackled the Halperin Hotel, you’re here too early. The key isn’t available!

You’ll have to conquer the Halperin Hotel, beat its boss, then return to this road. If you do, there’s a chance that you’ll encounter a zombie that’s a little taller than the rest. With massive, skull sized biceps and calves that are mere centimeters from ripping open those military fatigues.

This is the Drill Sergeant; an Apex Variant zombie called a Crusher. Like all Crushers, the Drill Sergeant can take quite a few hits, so your best bet is to lead him over towards the pool of electrified water for tick damage. It won’t stun him for long, or do much damage, but it should be enough to help you whittle him down.

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If you manage to do that, he’ll drop the Military Supplies Key, which will then open the cache you encountered earlier.

I’m not certain if the drops are static or randomized, but for my trouble I got the Guarding Military Knife, a rare weapon.

If you’re curious about another cache, check out how to open Curtis’ safe deposit box here: Where is the Key for Curtis’ Valuables Safe in Dead Island 2? – Answered.

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