How to Get the Lustful Ribbon in BitLife

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BitLife Lustful Ribbon
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When a BitLife character passes away, you’ll find a tombstone displaying their stats, a brief description of their life, and a ribbon summarizing the type of life they lived. If your character was a criminal, they’ll likely get Thief or Jailbird. Those who are incredibly wealthy will get the Rich or Loaded one instead. Let’s talk about how to take things to the next level by obtaining the lustful ribbon in BitLife.

BitLife Ribbon Guide: How to Get the Lustful Ribbon

You can obtain the lustful ribbon by having a promiscuous BitLife character who sleeps with at least 20 people. You can do this by having at least 20 romantic, physically intimate partners or engaging in multiple hookups until you reach this number.

However, you must be careful with other actions you perform during your character’s life. It is possible to accidentally get different ribbons, with the list below highlighting a few examples:

  • You’ll get the Wicked ribbon if your character catches and spreads multiple STDs.
  • You’ll get the Fertile ribbon if your character has numerous children.
  • You’ll get the Unlucky ribbon if your character dies before age 30.
  • You’ll get the Hero ribbon if your character saves someone’s life.
  • A net worth of over 2,500,000 will give you the Rich ribbon, while over 20 million rewards you with the Loaded ribbon.
  • Committing crimes and landing in prison can net you ribbons like Scandalous, Jailbird, or Thief.
  • If your character surrenders, you’ll get the Wasteful ribbon instead.

The easiest way to get the lustful ribbon is by living an ordinary life void of crime, high-paying careers, or other noteworthy achievements that can net different ribbons. Once your character is an adult, sleep with at least 20 people and engage in safe practices to avoid catching STDs and having children before aging up and finishing the run.

You’ll get the lustful ribbon if your character does not have a high net worth, has performed little to no crimes, and has no other important accomplishments. If you obtained another ribbon, you may have participated in a specific activity too often throughout your character’s life.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in obtaining other ribbons, check out how to get the Houdini ribbon in BitLife.

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