BitLife Ribbons List: How to Get All Ribbons in BitLife

Be careful, there's a LOT of them to collect.
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BitLife Ribbons are awarded to you upon your character’s death to commemorate their life and the deeds achieved during their lifetime. As you may imagine, there are many different Ribbons, so without further ado, here’s every Ribbon in BitLife and how to get them.

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How to Earn All BitLife Ribbons

A bit of a disclaimer here: some of these Ribbons require you to perform stuff that you usually would not do in-game nor in real life. If you are researching this subject for your child, you may want to visit Is Bitlife For Kids? – Bitlife Kids Warning Guide first.

  1. Academic – You should aim to earn this one if you roll an intelligent character (you’ll need every bonus you can get). Focus on education as much as you possibly can, study, read books, visit the library (in fact, never leave the library unless it’s for a different education boost), enroll in a University, Graduate School, and most importantly, get an education-related job. Become a role model academic citizen!
  2. Addict – You outright need to be the contrary of the above. Gamble a lot. Gamble everything you have, but try not to win. You need to roleplay as a complete loser here. Apart from a gambling addiction, you need to pick up a drug addiction as well. Take all the drugs that are offered to you, never go to rehab, and try to die with both of those addictions active. Not a swell life, is it now?
  3. Bandit – Rob a train. Yup.
  4. Barbie Girl – “I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie world!” (don’t lie, you were thinking of it too). You need to be a female character to obtain this particular Ribbon and be a very low-profile, not famous kind of person but still wealthy enough to afford the requirements for it. Once you’re set, you need to push for every possible plastic surgery that you can get your hands on.
  5. Big Boss – Major in English, Informational Systems, and Finance. Attend a business school, get a corporate job and grind your way towards the CEO position. Ideally, you should have over $20 million net worth for this Ribbon to be yours.
    Check out How to Become a CEO in BitLife for more details.
  6. Cat Lady (check out our Stray review if you want to play a cute cat game) – This Ribbon is also bound to female characters only. Get three dozen cats (at least over 30), keep no other pets, and commit your life ENTIRELY to your kitties. And make sure to have a house in order to have room for all of them!
  7. Cunning – Commit a crime, get caught, escape prison, undergo gender affirmation surgery, and run to a different country (and do not get caught by police again).
  8. Deadly – Murder at least six people, directly or by proxy via a hitman. One good way to do this is to join a criminal gang and kill people who refuse to give you extortion money or to do drive-bys
  9. Family Guy (not to be confused with the show) – We’re back to positive life values with this one. You need to marry a woman (and NEVER divorce), have at least two children, and spend a lot of time with them for at least three decades (the “Spend Time With All” button helps), while taking good care of them financially. You also must never join the world of crime, never abandon a pet, and not have too many children because the “Fertile” Ribbon might kick in.
  10. Famous – Be born beautiful or do sufficient cosmetic surgeries to become beautiful, and get a million followers on social media. But don’t post too much or you will be categorized as an Influencer. You can also become an actor, singer, writer, DJ, politician, or even become royalty.
  11. Fertile – Take care of all the children you can get, through birth or adoption (sperm donation counts too). If you manage to rack up 10, you’ll get the “Fabulously Fertile” achievement. However, you can get this Ribbon with your grandchildren too, although the math is not perfectly clear on this one. While around eight children are enough for this Ribbon, you can do this with five children and five grandchildren, for example.
  12. Generous – Gift at least 30 items per year to other people, and do not be a conflict type of person.
  13. Geriatric – Celebrate your 120th birthday! This should be straightforward, take care of your health by frequently checking up with your doctor, have a balanced diet, do physical activities, meditate, be happy (make sure it’s at 100%), go on vacations, etc.
  14. Globetrotter – Visit at least 20 countries in your lifetime.
  15. Gold Digger – Get high looks and great stats overall and be born in a wealthy country. Never get a job. Never. You’ll need to freelance or steal stuff to make a living. When dating, choose the eldest and richest options, of course. You win if you get at least a million and a half dollars as an inheritance in case that your husband kicks the bucket, or if you successfully divorce and earn that much through the legal separation.
  16. Hero – Be an upstanding citizen and save someone in trouble (who is at risk of dying). or die honorably in a war by failing to defuse a mine.
  17. Houdini – Escape from prison at least 10 times (spending too much time in jail gets you the Jailbird Ribbon).
  18. Highroller – Have winnings of at least $1M dollars from your gambling endeavors. Also, make sure you have a net positive (which is kind of hard when you are gambling). Black Jack should be the easiest for this.
  19. Influencer – Become a Social Media addict as soon as you hit the age of 13. Make sure to post frequently so that you can get millions of likes and a million followers. Get verified on all social media accounts. If necessary, buy followers, do sponsorships for products, whatever it takes! However, be mindful that you shouldn’t spam too much or outright buy all of your followers.
  20. Jailbird – Get sent to prison, escape, and then come back, and try to stay there until the day of your death. If you catch a disease in the prison, it’s a win-win!
  21. Lazy – Age as fast as possible and ignore everything that comes your way. Do not do anything. Have smarts above 10% to dodge the “Stupid” ribbon.
  22. Loaded – Have a $20 million net worth. We hope you have had rich ancestors to pass down some wealth to you.
  23. Lustful – Have at least 20 sexual partners. Careful with the STDs though! (See How to Get Rid of Genital Herpes in BitLife).
  24. Mediocre – Do some random low-tier jobs, do not push your stats too high, and try to get killed as soon as possible (no diseases or no suicide). Maybe go to war?
  25. Model Bitizen – Compliment people and give them money 10 times. Have a job, keep your karma at max, do not go into debt, aaaand have $50k net worth minimum (but do not go into the rich territories). Don’t do anything negative.
  26. Monopoly – Either be rich enough to buy a lot of houses (and keep them for 5 years) or become an Exorcist to vanquish ghosts from the haunted houses and then re-sell them at full value. You need to sell at least 10 houses and earn over a million dollars with this scheme.
  27. Mooch – Or should we say, a leech? Ask people around you for money all the time, but never, EVER give anything back to anyone. If you leech at least 10 times successfully, you should be good to go.
  28. Movie Buff – Watch a LOT of movies. At least one every year for 20 years.
  29. Rich – Be worth between $2.5M and $20M
  30. Rowdy – Go clubbing at least a dozen times. Make sure that you look for trouble and argue whenever possible, but never escalate to physical violence. Do all the drugs and alcohol that come your way. You can also throw a house party and then argue with your neighbors should they dare to complain about your party’s noise (how dare they?!). Just try not to hang around jails too much and not get addicted. Find out How to Go To Parties in BitLife if you don’t know how.
  31. Scandalous – This might be difficult to get because other Ribbons may be assigned to you. You should stay in prison for around 5 years. Make a mix of thievery and murder, and do not attempt to escape your imprisonment.
    – “Thief” may be assigned to you if you pickpocket too much.
    – “Houdini” may be assigned to you if you try to escape from prison.
    – “Jailbird” may be assigned to you if you are there for too long or if you keep running.
    – “Deadly” may be assigned to you if you kill too many people.
    – “Cunning” may be assigned to you if you go overboard with your escape.
  32. Stupid – Keep your smarts as close to zero as possible, make stupid decisions, drop out of school, and if possible, overdose on drugs.
  33. Successful – Never go to prison. Live above the age of 65. Stay healthy, do not get addictions, do not abandon pets, have good relations with your family, and get over $250,000 of net worth to your name. Try to not get caught in Academic, Family Guy, Loaded, and Rich Ribbons.
  34. Tarzan (Pay to win Ribbon) – This is somewhat of a male counterpart to the Cat Lady Ribbon. And it’s behind a paywall. You need to be under $1M of worth, and be debt-free. You need to have Bitizenship. Why? Because that’s the only way you can obtain Exotic Pets from the Exotic Pet Dealer. You need to have at least 20 exotic pets and you need to commit a LOT of time to them.
  35. Teammate – Be born in Tucson/Miami, build up your Smarts over 80%, and enroll in Computer Science University (do not go above with the education). Go into App Development and push your career in that direction. Of course, try to stay out of activities that will steer your Ribbon into something else.
  36. Thief – You need to have at least 10 thievery actions in your lifetime, but make sure to do at least two of each:
    – Car thefts
    – House burglaries
    – Pickpocketing
    Just do not get caught a lot, since you risk earning a Houdini / Scandalous ribbon. And finally, most of your net worth should be obtained from thievery activities.
  37. Unlucky – Contract a terminal disease before the age of 30. You can boost your chances of doing so by getting HIV from your dates (try not to get the Wicked ribbon), or by getting rabies. Additionally, you may get struck by lightning or killed in a terrorist attack.
  38. Veteran – Join the army, become a high-ranked officer (Admiral, General, Sergeant Major), and survive until your retirement (age of 62). On top of that, deploy mines successfully three times minimum. Don’t worry if you explode in the process, you’ll get the Hero ribbon.
  39. Wasteful – End the game by hitting the white flag (for surrender) in your Activities menu, get a death sentence, or go too much into debt.
  40. Wicked – You need to do five really vile actions. There are three to choose from, which you’ll obviously need to repeat to hit five:
    – Spread STD to someone (be careful not to wander into Lustful Ribbon territory)
    – Abandon a Child
    – Abandon a Pet

If you haven’t had enough of reading about BitLife yet, check out our other guides under the game tag below here on Prima Games!

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