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How to Get the Houdini Ribbon in BitLife

Learn the art of escaping

by Madison Benson
How to Get the Houdini Ribbon in BitLife

There is a lot you can accomplish in BitLife. With tons of challenges, achievements and ribbons to collect, you can easily spend hundreds of hours trying to finish everything if you’re seeking 100% completion. One of the most challenging and infamous ribbons in the game is the Houdini ribbon; not only is it generally difficult to get, but there’s a chance you’ll get others instead! Continue reading to learn how to get the Houdini ribbon in BitLife.

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How to Get the Houdini Ribbon in BitLife

To get the Houdini ribbon, you’ll have to live a life of crime and spend some time in prison. You’ll be in jail for a while, but not too long.

Why is this, though? Because you’ll be too busy escaping!

The Houdini ribbon is awarded to any character who has escaped prison numerous times. Your goal is around ten successful escapes from when you first enter prison to when your character dies. However, there are a few things you’ll have to be careful of:

  • If you spend too much time in prison, there’s a chance you’ll get the “Jailbird” ribbon instead. In other words, escape as often as possible without spending your entire life behind bars.
  • A high net worth puts you at risk of getting the Rich or Loaded ribbon or other money-related ones instead.
  • Surrendering early gives you the Wasteful ribbon instead.

These are just some of the many situations you might encounter, so be careful about which crimes your character commits and any other side activities you perform.

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Escaping Prison for the Houdini Ribbon

When you commit crimes in BitLife, a few things might happen. Either you’ll successfully pull off the attempt or fail, leading to the victim retaliating or calling the police. If the police catch you, choosing to cooperate lands you in jail. From here, you can attempt to escape, leading to a maze button that you navigate with the four arrows at the bottom of the screen.

BitLife Prison Escape for Houdini Ribbon
It only gets more challenging from here!

To have a slightly easier time with this, start committing crimes as early as possible before your character reaches adulthood. Juvie has much easier maze escape minigames than adult ones do. To put it into perspective, a maximum security prison in BitLife can be up to 8×8 squares compared to the 4×4 you see above.

After escaping prison or juvie at least ten times, age up your character until they naturally pass away to find the Houdini ribbon on the death screen!

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. To learn more about the game, check out our full catalog of BitLife guides by clicking the tag below!

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