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How to Get the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Facility 3826 is full of technology that was designed in the scientific utopia, so most of the weapons and equipment are unique to the area. Being a Soviet Union-based setting though, the AK-47 had to make an appearance, and in Atomic Heart, it’s simply known as the Kalash AK.

Anyone looking for a classic assault rifle play style will want this in hand, and it won’t be as easy as picking it up off of a destroyed robot. To help you out in your Atomic Heart run, we’ll cover how you can get your hands on your own personal Kalash AK.

Atomic Heart – How to Get the Kalash AK

Most of the weapons in this game are obtained by finding blueprints around the map and then utilizing them. In other words, you need to find these schematics and craft them yourself rather than simply picking up the weapons on the ground as you defeat the many enemies in Facility 3826.

To find the blueprint for the Kalash AK, otherwise known as the AK-47, you’ll need to progress through the main story and head over to the Vavilov Complex. This area has a room called the Cold Lab and the chest you need is inside. Fill the canisters in the area with plants and you’ll unlock the chest that you need.

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This rifle utilizes medium ammo, which can be tough to find at first, especially without a blueprint for the ammo. Eventually, the Kalash AK ammo will become more common and you can even carry up to 300 rounds, making the high fire rate of the rifle less of an issue. To make the AK-47 even more powerful in Atomic Heart, you can look for the Collimator at Scientific Testing Ground 6 of Atomic Heart.

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