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How to Get the Earth Power TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Become an Earth Bender in one easy step

by Daphne Fama

Have you ever wanted to make the very ground beneath your opponent’s feet rupture with power? Have you ever wanted that very move to not only have 100 accuracy, but 90 base power and also be a special attack on top of all that? To say nothing at all about the 10% chance of lowering your opponent’s special defense by one stage, ensuring that each attack that follows is even more devastating?

Earth Power is the move for you. It’s a move that only a handful of Pokemon in Paldea can learn, but many more Pokemon can be taught through TM, with Tyranitar and Garchomp being among the best candidates. But how do you actually obtain this elusive TM for yourself?

How to Get the Earth Power TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

No one can blame you for missing this TM, even if you already completed the game. Your first chance to find it happens before you can even access it.

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Head to the Asado Desert, using either the Watch Tower or Cascarrafa North’s quick travel point. Earth Power is here in the sands, but not just anywhere. You’ll need the ability to climb to access it. From Cascarrafa, head North, then West, angling towards the giant pillar of stone you can see even from the Pokemon Center. This pillar is surrounded by items, including the TM Bullet Seed, but what we care about sits atop. Climb the tower of rock and you’ll find even more items. But also the coveted Earth Power.

The second option to obtain Earth Power is to challenge and defeat the bosses in the Starfall story line. Each time you defeat one Boss, Penny will arrive to add 20 or so TMs to the collection of TMs you can craft. Because you don’t have to beat the bosses in any particular order, you might get Earth Power after defeating a different boss than others. It’s likely you’ll obtain it after beating the third or fourth boss in the Starfall Storyline.

Good luck getting that TM, trainer!

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