How to Get the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife

Dog lovers beware

BitLife cat lady ribbon
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Getting every ribbon in BitLife is no easy feat, especially if you try peculiar methods of obtaining one and accidentally get another you didn’t intend to find. Here’s how to get the cat lady ribbon in BitLife.

How to Get the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife

Getting the cat lady ribbon in BitLife requires having a female character who has owned over 30 cats throughout her life. You don’t have to adopt all 30 simultaneously, but you’ll have to avoid buying other animal species.

However, there are some obstacles you’ll face, particularly with owning multiple cats at once. Below are some tips to work around this:

  1. Start adopting cats early! Once your character turns 6, you can ask your parents to buy cats for you.
  2. Buy a house as soon as possible. A home allows you to keep more cats at a time, which is especially important if you don’t have Bitizenship.
  3. Live a long, healthy life. If you enter risky situations or have low health, your run may end before you reach 30 cats. Keep your stats high and avoid dangerous situations!
    • Be careful with this, though, as you may get the Geriatric ribbon instead if you live 120 years or more.

Since there are multiple ribbons in BitLife, you may also get ones you don’t intend to find. Below are some extra tips for avoiding this:

  1. Avoid committing too many crimes. Several ribbons, like Deadly and Thief, are crime-related and can easily get in the way of you obtaining the cat lady ribbon. Similarly, ribbons like Houdini, Scandalous, and Jailbird are related to escaping prison.
  2. Don’t make too much money. While you don’t have to be broke, making millions can lead to the Rich or Loaded ribbons.
  3. Only have a few children at most, or you risk getting the Fertile ribbon instead.
  4. Don’t surrender. Doing this grants you the wasteful ribbon regardless of your life’s accomplishments.

With all that said, good luck obtaining BitLife’s cat lady ribbon.

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