How to Get the CALUS Mini-Tool in Destiny 2

Shoot fast, kill fast.

There’s something extremely nostalgic about the Leviathan and the Mini-Tool. The Leviathan was the first raid in Destiny 2, one I spent over one hundred hours in. And the MIDA Mini-Tool? It was the weapon of choice in PvP all the way back in year one. The CALUS Mini-tool brings back those memories, but in a bullet-spray package. Here’s how to get the CALUS Mini-Tool for yourself.

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How to Get the CALUS Mini-Tool in Destiny 2

First things first. You’re going to need the Season of the Haunted Season Pass. Once you have that, speak to the Crown of Sorrow in the HELM.

Option 1: Purchase it at the Vendor in the HELM.

Speak to the giant artifact, and you’ll see that the CALUS Mini-Tool is actually available for 1 Umbral Engram, 50 Legendary Shards, and 27 Opulent Energy.

Opulent Energy is obtained by completing the Nightmare Containment public event in the Derelict Leviathan. All Guardians can access the Derelict Leviathan dungeon, Duality, but only Season Pass holders can access the node just above Duality, which will allow you to explore the Leviathan freely.

Upon defeating a final boss at Containment Tier 3, you’ll need to deposit 500 Vestiges of Dread on the Harvester to get between five and seven Opulent Umbral Energy. Farming out these public events is the best way to obtain Opulent Energy, but there are other ways of getting the CALUS Mini-Tool. Defeating Tier 3 Nightmare bosses also gives you a chance to obtain Opulent Keys.

Option 2: Hope it drops from an Opulent Chest.

You can opt to open Opulent Chests, which are scattered around the area, and hope one drops the CALUS Mini-Tool. Each Opulent Key has a specific chest it can open. The clues and their answers are:

  • “Where water used to flow” → the Royal Pools, at the back-left. Enter the Pools and follow the path left, up the stairs. Upon reaching the top, look left, and you’ll see the chest tucked against the wall.
  • “At the feet of greatness” → the Royal Pools, at the entrance. There’s a massive statue of Calus; check behind the brazier.
  • “Among stately columns” → the Royal Pools, head right upon entering the Pools. Go up the stairs into the next area. The chest will be tucked against the far wall.
  • “Among the ruins” → the Pleasure Gardens, always a difficulty to navigate, head left upon entering. Descend the stairs, keeping left. The chest should be near a pillar.
  • “Guarded by a loyal companion” → the Pleasure Gardens, beneath the large War Hound statue, just a little left of the main platform. It will be at the dog’s feet.
  • “By fallen greatness” → the Pleasure Garden, head right upon entering and search for Calus’s massive head. It will be by his mouth.

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Option 3: Vendor Upgrades.

The Crown of Sorrow vendor in the HELM also offers bounties, which are fairly easy to complete. Complete enough, and the Crown of Sorrow will rank up and drop an Engram of the Haunted, which has a chance of being a Season of the Haunted weapon, which the CALUS Mini-Tool falls under.

Option 4: Engram focusing.

If you have ample Umbral Engrams and are a little impatient, you can choose to spend 1 Umbral Engram, 10 Legendary Shards, and 7 Opulent Umbral Energy to focus an Opulent Weapon. There are only 4, so your odds of actually getting one aren’t terrible.

But whatever method you choose to take, it’s important to take advantage of these options sooner rather than later. The Derelict Leviathan will be leaving upon Lightfall’s release, and we’re uncertain how Opulent Weapons will be obtained in the future. For that reason, it’s best to grab all the guns you want now.

And because the CALUS Mini-Tool is not craftable, it’s a good idea to farm as many as possible to get its God Roll.

CALUS Mini-Tool and its God Roll

Despite sharing a similar name to the MIDA Mini-Tool, the CALUS Mini-Tool has never managed to break into any metas. It’s a fairly decent legendary submachine gun with a MIDA Synergy frame. Which means that it offers superb handling, and its user will move faster when this weapon is equipped.

But it does offer an interesting benefit. When you also have the MIDA equipped, the CALUS Mini-Tool grants additional speed benefits.

The CALUS Mini tool, like many submachine guns, performs best in PvE vs PvP. Its God Roll reflects that.

  • Basic Barrel → Arrowhead Brake. Recoil +20, Handling +10.
  • Basic Magazine → Flared Magwell. Reload Speed +15, Stability +5.
  • Basic Trait 1 → Threat Detector. Increased Reload, Stability, and Handling when enemies are in close proximity. While within 15 meters of one enemy: 15 Stability, 15 Reload, and .75x Handling animation duration multiplier.
  • Basic Trait 2 → Surrounded. This weapon gains bonus damage when three or more enemies are in close proximity. While within 8 meters of 3+ enemies: 40% increased damage.

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