How to Get Secret Battle Pass Skin in Fortnite OG

Get your hands on these Bonus Battle Pass Skins before they are no longer available.

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If you have bought the Fortnite OG Battle Pass, you will notice that there is a mystery cosmetic item on the final page. In this guide, we will cover what this item is and how to unlock it.

How to Unlock the Secret Battle Pass Skin in Fortnite OG

To unlock the Secret Battle Pass Skin in Fortnite OG, you will have to level up your OG Battle Pass until it is completed. The Secret Skins will then be available in the Bonus Pass section of the OG Pass. However, you will still have to use your Battle Stars to unlock them.

These are Super Style variants of the three OG Battle Pass skins that were available in the previous seasons. These skins come in gold color and have two variants for each of them. The three Secret Skins are:

  • Lil Split – Combo of Peely and Lil Whip Pass skins.
  • Renegade Lynx – Combo of Renegade Raider and Lynx Pass skins.
  • Omegarok – Combo of Omega and Ragnarok Pass skins.

After you complete the OG Battle Pass, you will then have to accumulate 20 Battle Stars to get each of the Bonus Skins. You can get the Battle Stars by completing weekly challenges to gain XP, which will then increase your level. Each level increased will grant you 5 Battle Stars, and you can get enough Battle Stars to get all of the Items from the Battle Pass.

Get grinding now to get enough Battle Stars to unlock the Bonus Skins before Chapter 5 begins in December. If you want to get the best loot and complete the challenges quickly, check out our guide on the Best Drop Spots on the OG Map in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5.

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