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How to Get Pets in Hogwarts Legacy

Yes, you can pet your pets.

by Joe Greene
Thestral Mount in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy players will encounter a multitude of different magical creatures along their travels throughout the Wizarding World. These creatures will range from super cute to outright grotesque. Nevertheless, many players are wondering if they can befriend some of these creatures and keep them as pets. Without further ado, continue reading to learn how to get pets in Hogwarts Legacy!

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How to Get Pets in Hogwarts Legacy

While players cannot have companions that follow them around (yet), you are able to capture and keep some of the various creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. Keep in mind, it will take some hours of playing before this feature is unlocked.

To do so, you must first be able to attend your first Beast Class, which becomes available after completing Percival Rackham’s Trial.

Once you have completed the prerequisite quests, you can take the Beast Class. After interacting with Poppy Sweeting and her Puffskein, you will acquire the Beast Petting Brush and Beast Feed.

Continue to complete your tasks until you receive The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom quest. Completing this quest will grant you the nab-sack, which allows you to capture your future pets!

Catching these “pets” can be quite difficult, and players can use Disillusionment to be able to get closer.

A Shiny Hippogriff! (Image via Electric-Gap7761 on Reddit)

Once you capture the pet of your choice, it will be sent to a Vivarium, where you can feed and groom your lovable pets.

Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy can also be “shiny”, which is extremely rare and grants them a completely different color!

Again, these pets do not have the ability to follow you around and battle with you, however you will be able to form relationships with them… which is cute.

Now that you know how to get pets in Hogwarts Legacy, it is time to get out there and find some shiny beasts!

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