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How to Get Necrotic Grip in Destiny 2

"To gain power, you must sacrifice. Exos have known this long before the Guardians' rise." —Taeko-3

by Daphne Fama

There is one particular Exotic that almost all Warlocks covet: Necrotic Grip. By itself, it’s powerful. But with another Exotic that inflicts Poison damage? You’re the Horseman of Pestilence. Here’s how to get Necrotic Grip in Destiny 2.

How to Get Necrotic Grip in Destiny 2

There are a few Exotics that never leave my inventory as a Warlock. And for endgame content that’s full of mobs, Necrotic Grip is essential. Its Exotic Perk, Grasp of Devourer, causes melee hits to apply Poison. Necrotic Poison ticks every .5 seconds (.7 in PvP), for 19 ticks over 10 seconds. The damage this does is fantastic, but what makes it so essential against mobs is that it spreads. Poisoned enemies will spread Poison on death in a five-meter radius. And that Poison status effect doesn’t just have to come from Necrotic Grip. It can come from any source, including the Exotics like Thorn and Osteo Striga.

But getting your hands on this elusive Exotic can be quite difficult. It only drops in one place: Legendary Lost Sectors. Each day, the Legendary Lost Sector changes, and so does the armor it drops. The cycle is gauntlets, chest, helmet, legs.

If you’re not sure when the next Gauntlet-dropping Lost Sector is, check out the Legendary Lost Sector Schedule here: Legendary Lost Sector Schedule in Destiny 2 (March 2023).

You’ll need to complete the Legendary Lost Sector solo, but even then there’s no guarantee it will drop in the cache at the end of the level. There is only a 25% chance that it will drop at all. And because Legendary Lost Sectors are now more difficult than ever, grinding out the Necrotic Grip can be quite a slog.

Fortunately, we have a build that can help you breeze through any Legendary Lost Sector, so long as you have Strand, game sense, and plenty of patience. Check it out here: Best Build for Completing Legendary Lost Sectors in Destiny 2.

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