How to Get Magcore in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Magcore

If you’re a big fan of Volt weapons in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll need to obtain plenty of Magcores to level them up. Whether you’re rocking the Staff of Scars or Samir’s Dual EM Stars, you have tons of options for potential Volt weapons to use. With a new weapon comes new upgrades.

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If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to get Magcores in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get Magcore in Tower of Fantasy

Your primary method of getting Magcores in Tower of Fantasy is breaking elemental ores crystals. You may have seen these huge, colorful crystal formations scattered around the world map as you travel around. You may have even attempted to break some, only to find that you do zero damage.

If this is the case, there’s some good news. These rocks are not invulnerable. You just need the right weapons!

The Magcore, in particular, drops from purple elemental ores, which are weak to Volt damage. This weakness means that if you attack the crystal with a Volt-type weapon, it’ll break after around five hits. However, if you use any other element, such as fire or ice, you will not do any damage. Upon breaking the crystal, you’ll gain crystals and Magcores.

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If you’re having difficulty finding these elemental ores or don’t feel like traveling around to locate them, don’t worry! An alternative method for getting Magcores in Tower of Fantasy is through the Weapon and Support stores. To access these, head to your game menu, select Commissary, then tap on either Weapon or Support store.

You’ll need a currency known as Black Gold to purchase from the Weapon store. To get Black Gold, roll from the Black and Gold Nucleus special orders. Over time, you’ll gain the currency as a bonus. One Magcore costs one Black Gold.

Similarly, the Support Shop currency is known simply as Support Points. You’ll gain more points as you join teams with other players. Each Magcore costs 100 Support Points.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out our guides on How to Get the 2613 and How to Reroll Your Tower of Fantasy Account.

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