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How to Get Legendary Gear in Gotham Knights

Difficulty and loot, the best of friends

by Lucas White

In Gotham Knights, you generally seem to get more blueprints than you do actual equipment drops. Blueprints are… basically equipment drops, just with an extra step to actually get a hold of the item. In true action RPG fashion, rarity or quality is color-coded, with yellow being the best. So how do you actually get those yellows? Here’s how to get Legendary gear in Gotham Knights.

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Getting Legendary Gear in Gotham Knights

To get the Legendary gear, you need to get a hold of Legendary blueprints. Such is the way of the action RPG Loot Loop. The answer to how to get X is also the answer to how to get Y, albeit with a different color involved. Getting those blueprints isn’t that easy, though. You have to take on missions tagged as “Very High” in difficulty. Much like other things in Gotham Knights, chasing better stuff for bigger numbers means taking on those Premeditated Crime missions out on patrol in the open world. Gotham City isn’t great for a lot of reasons, but it sure is good for pummeling minor criminals until they vomit military-grade weaponry onto the streets.

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Just like when it comes to getting top-tier materials like the Legendary NTH Metal, Gotham Knights rewards taking on tougher challenges with better stuff on the other side. In order to breach the endgame you need to make sure you aren’t shying away from tougher content. Otherwise, you’ll really miss out on the goods.

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If you need more help with Gotham Knights, such as getting some tips on how to look out for those annoying Batarang collectibles or maybe just knowing what the max level you can get is, just go check out the game’s tag!